Apr 01 2013

EOL: Log for 01042013

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Listen to EOL Log 01042013   In the third millennium, the world changed. Climate, nations, all were in upheaval. The Earth transformed into a poisonous, scorched desert, known as “The Cursed Earth”. Millions of people crowded into a few Megacities, where roving bands of street savages created violence the justice system could not control. Law, […]


Dec 05 2012

EOL Extra 7A: The Doctor, The Ponds, and Series 7A

Category: Extras, podcastsrenger @ 10:22 am

Listen to EOL Extra DR7A: The Doctor, The Ponds And Series 7a   Introduction It has been a little more than a year since Byron 27 and Ranger sat down and geeked out about the last of the Time Lords, and with the recent first half of the new series just ended, both decided that […]

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Oct 26 2012

EOL Extra: 7 of 9 0 1 to 5

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Listen to EOL Extra: 7 of 9 0 1 to 5 Introduction Yes, we know we are slacking. No, we really are busy. And, yeah, we haven’t forgotten our sworn duties, nor our Wonder Twin powers that compel us to just let our “geek flags fly!”. Blame real life, blame work and most of all […]

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Aug 19 2012

EOL Episode 9: The Boa Maneuver

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Listen to EOL Episode 9: The Boa Maneuver   Introduction Hi, how was your summer? See any good movies? TV? Read any books? So, yeah its been a … while since our last episode. This little thing we try to avoid called “real life” got in the way. And we are really really sorry that […]

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Apr 29 2012

EOL Episode 8: Shake N Cake

Category: podcastsrenger @ 1:17 pm

Listen to EOL Episode 8: Shake N Cake   Introduction This month, we’re joined once again by Byron Lee, who appears to have an unhealthy fascination with the third chair. Our chairs aren’t nearly as comfortable as a ride in the Delorian, but once we’re all strapped in, we travel back to the future to […]

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Mar 11 2012

EOL Episode 7: Flush With Sporks

Category: podcastsrenger @ 4:04 pm

Listen to EOL Episode 7: Flush with Sporks Okay, a warning before we start. This episode isn’t like our usual crazy light hearted fun that we have been kind of known for in our short run as your geek stop podcast. In this episode we delve into some heady bits on the topic of Man […]

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Feb 02 2012

EOL Episode 6: A Place for Everything

Category: podcastsrenger @ 3:23 pm

Listen to EOL Episode 6: A Place for Everything   Welcome back to the show that reminds you of all that geeky stuff in your attic or storage room. This month we managed to cash in the very large check that was offered to us, virtually of course, by our 3rd Chair mr. kevin Reeves. […]

Jan 07 2012

EOL Episode 5: Let Me Take My Shirt Off

Category: podcastsrenger @ 2:21 pm

Listen to EOL Episode 5: Let me Take My Shirt Off Introductions The holidays for the EOL crew aren’t over yet and neither are they over for the 3rd chair. This episode we are joined by a man who knows his bad TV and that kind of geek cred gives Rodney Edgar from the Tech […]

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Dec 14 2011

EOL Episode 4: Ultimate Zombie Garlic

Category: podcastsrenger @ 6:15 pm

Listen to EOL Episode 4: Ultimate Zombie Garlic   Welcome back to this freezer burned Thanksgiving leftover edition of the show. To be honest, we had a ton of sound issues and we enlisted Santa’s elves for some audio outsourcing to get this one together. The short story is that the magic in that old […]

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Nov 14 2011

EOL Extra: Daleks, Doctors And Big Finish

Category: Extras, podcastsrenger @ 1:54 pm

Listen to an EOL Extra: Daleks, Doctors And Big Finish Byron and Ranger knew that November was the birthday month for the Last of the Time Lords. With that in mind, both sat down to discuss some of their fave Doctor Who audios from Big Finish. And, not completely by accident, perhaps a few more […]

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