Nov 14 2011

EOL Extra: Daleks, Doctors And Big Finish

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Listen to an EOL Extra: Daleks, Doctors And Big Finish

Byron and Ranger knew that November was the birthday month for the Last of the Time Lords. With that in mind, both sat down to discuss some of their fave Doctor Who audios from Big Finish. And, not completely by accident, perhaps a few more suggestions for audio entertainment too.


Before we start with the radio plays, do you love that theme tune? Want to hear a fan’s take on the middle eight? Check out the tons of remixes on WhoMix and rate the one you like best.

many of the plays mentioned in this EOL Extra can be found at the Big Finish Productions website. You can download files directly from their site and follow them on Twitter. One of the first  plays that Ranger recommends finds Companion charlotte Pollard meeting the Celestial  Toymaker in the Companion Chronicle “Solitaire “.

We also took a moment to recommend Big Finish’es Stargate and Atlantis ranges. Have you ever thought about “Doctor Who: The Musical”? Well, wonder no more as you can hear the 6th Doctor and crew in “Doctor Who and the Pirates” from the Main Range. Or, check out the Stage Play adaptations for even more musical Cybermen.

Big Finish also has a fantastic take on judge Joseph Dred in the “2000 A.D.” universe.

Also, you can find the awesome Alan Silvestri score for the 90’s classic movie version of the “I Am The Law” character here.

 “Spaced” is also a Geek TV must watch and it just so happens to have Simon Pegg in it from these “2000 A.D.” audios, an appearance  on Doctor Who’s 2005 Series 1 and rumor has it that he played some Scottish engineer on some other space movie in 2009.

Getting back to Big Finish, Ranger heartily agrees with the critics that you have to hear “The Chimes of Midnight” and “The Holy Terror” Ranger also gushed over the tremendous conclusion to many aspects of The Fogre’ storyline in “A Death in the Family”

You can learn which stories you want to download in the run up to that one by consulting this article on the nearly ten year history involving this story arc.

Byron also jumps in with recommendations for the spinoff “Excelis” series.

He also likes Iris Wildthyme’s adventures.


Ranger and Byron note that it might be hard to jump into a show with a 48 year history. So Ranger recommends Dalek Empire for those who don’t know anything about Doctor Who but may just want to stick a toe in the Time Vortex for a first go.

Byron tossed in a recommendation for “I, Davros” in case the “Dalek Empire” series gets you interested in knowing more about the most evil creatures in the galaxy.

And, if that wasn’t enough “Exterminate” action, Ranger said you could always watch the 4th Doctor and Sarah jane in the classic story “Genesis of the Daleks”.


We rounded out our discussion with recommendations for these audios as well.


Dead Air

Start watching Doctor Who’s return from the beginning on Netflix


You can also keep up to date with Big Finish by subscribing to their free podcasts

the Doctor Who Podcast alliance is also a great resource for keeping up to date on The Doctor

And Ranger says subscribe now to Radio Free Skaro

And The Doctor Who Podcast!


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