Jan 07 2012

EOL Episode 5: Let Me Take My Shirt Off

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The holidays for the EOL crew aren’t over yet and neither are they over for the 3rd chair. This episode we are joined by a man who knows his bad TV and that kind of geek cred gives Rodney Edgar from the Tech Access Weekly podcast, the ability to join us in our discussion of … bad TV!



Its never difficult for us to find these stories, sadly. Here are the ones that caught our ear this month.

Eddie Murphy will be Hong Kong Phooey in new live action CGI movie

Remakes of the films of Akira Kurosawa

Check out the Wikipedia entry on Akira Kurosawa for a list describing many of his  films and their influences on other Hollywood blockbusters

The Rockstar mentioned the bots and Japanese monster films. Be sure to visit the official MST3K site to learn more about Tom Servo and perhaps even Evil Crow?

Buy the animated classic “Akira” on Blu Ray

You can pick up Mr. Reeve’s take on a Philip K. Dick novel in the movie adaptation of “A Scanner Darkly”

And Ranger mentioned Laura Petty in “Tank Girl”

We also discussed how well the actors captured their comic counterpart in the recent “X Men First Class”

And you can compare it to the FOX 90’s X Men Animated series via Netflix

In The Nexus: Bad TV

Did you think we were done discussing bad TV in our “Abomination” section? Oh no! We use the entire segment of “In The Nexus” to pay homage to the idiot box.

The color TV turns 60

The history of NBC’s Must See TV

Ranger mentioned the portable SEGA Game Gear console from the 90s. You can learn all about this system that weighed more than a brick with its multiple batteries.

We talked about how TV can look dated quickly and Ranger offers the first season of FOX’s “24” via Netflix as an example. Check it out to see CTU with computers from a decade ago.

The rockstar rants about today’s juvenile comedic attempts, inspired by this article on how Today’s new Sitcoms are Reruns

Ranger also suggested that the NBC 90’s hit “Friends” is another one of those shows that has not aged well.

We mention “Seinfeld” three times in twenty minutes. Buy the first two seasons of Seinfeld on Amazon and see why we talked about the show so often.

Watch the wonderful social commentary from Matt and Trey on Facebook from the South Park episode “You Have 0 Friends” from the South Park Studios site.

The history of NBC’s “Must See” TV

Rodney pines for the good old days as he watches “Cheers” on Netflix

He also mentions “mad About You” and “Caroline in the City”

Ranger professes his love of Tina Fey and says you should watch “30 Rock” on Netflix

Also he prefers the UK version of “The Office which you can find on Netflix here

The UK version of “Being Human” is far better than the recent US attempt as well. This too is on Netflix

Rodney and Ranger also say that you should only watch the UK version of “Coupling” and forget that NBC ever tried to force a US version on the viewing public with only a four episode run

Relive the 80’s with this look back at Courtney Cox before “Friends” in the amazing production values of “Misfits of Science”

Rodney proclaims to Ranger that he is missing out on the greatness that is “Rip Tide”

Rodney also liked “the monkey” in “BJ and the Bear”  

Whereas Ranger found that the “Sherif Lobo” spinoff was far more entertaining

Catch Gil and Erin in the NBC Sci Fi classic “Buck Rogers” on Netflix

“Knight Rider” is a must watch for any geek and Netflix has you covered

Buy “Dallas” seasons one and two

Or “Knots Landing” season one

Or! “Dynasty” seasons one and two on Amazon

Other CBS Friday night fare included “Falcon Crest”

And who could forget the General lee in “The Dukes of Hazard”

proof that Ranger was not joking about the existence of the NBC 70’s show “Monster Squad”

Further still, here is the opening to “Quark” that took a loving but synical embrace to Classic Trek

Purchase “Quark: The Complete Series” from Amazon

You can also find “Street Hawk” on Amazon for your very own

All of this talk leads us into this article about trends we are tired of on TV

Do you remember “Cleopatra 2525”? “Vanishing Sun”? They, like Kevin Sorbo’s “Hercules”, were all members of the 90’s “Universal Action Pack” line of weekly syndication shows

Relive the Warrior Princess’s six seasons in this Xena box set from Amazon

SpongeBob is to blame for short attention spans in children.

Every Hour Of TV You Watch After Age 25 Shortens Your Life By 21.8 Minutes

When in Houston, go eat fish while fish watch you at “The Aquarium” restaurant  

Purchase “Ultraman” before they ruin it with an upcoming remake

Did you want to know more about your favorite Power Ranger or series? Check out the “Morphing Grid”

She wasn’t just the Pink Ranger, see the IMDB page for Amy Jo Johnson

Buy the first two seasons of “TJ Hooker” and learn how to hang on to the hood of a car TJ style

Purchase “The Fall Guy” season one from Amazon

Ranger notes that “Airwolf” is awesome

while Rodney claims that you can’t discount the magic of Dana Carvey in the ABC “Blue Thunder” TV series

George Klunie fans must have “The Facts of Life” for his early formative works


The Rockstar talks about the Playschool Sit’n’Spin, here is a video that shows the Sit‘N’Spin  in action

Meet Skipper, Barbie’s little sister with the flat feet

Spinning like crazy was all the rage with marx’s Big Wheel

Stick shift steering was the big feature for the  Green Machine

It takes up most of your bedroom but who would not want this Kenner Star Wars Death Star Playset?

More about “Space 1999” toy Eagles

Learn more about what a “Wish Book” was to some of us years ago

8 Vintage and irresponsible toys

he was not cool, he was creepy! Meet Teddy Rucksbin

Siri versus Furby

FBI Playset for Kids

G.I. Joe’s USS Flag is freaking huge!

14 worst toys for girls

The history of toy cars

Man floats over the Alps with the help of 54 Toy Baloons

Nom NomNom!

This month’s homework assignment will be anything cinnamon. The specific item is Unbearably Hot Cinnamon Bears

but if you can’t be that extreme, anything else with cinnamon will do.

Barbie’s hungry, that’s why she has a MCDonald’s playset

The world of McDonaldland

More info on the Jack In The Box toys Ranger mentioned from his childhood

Lifesavers Official Website

Get your very own Charlie Brown Musical Christmas Tree

Here are the so called nutritional facts for the Planters Nuts Winter Blend

Flip Video’s Inventor Launches High-Tech Grilled Cheese Restaurant chain

Grilled Cheese NYC

Easiest Fudge in the World

Sci-Fi Baking Gifts

Tech Access Weekly shows us the power of the Spork

What’cha Been Consumin?

Ranger has been playing a whole lot of Asteroids Gunner on iOS

Ranger also recommends you pick up the new “Lost Children” B Sides release from Disturbed

The Rockstar has been consumin’ a lot this month.


Young adult dystopian fiction including “Divergent”, by Veronica Roth

Tally Youngblood series by Scott Westerfeld. First title: “Uglies”

Star Trek TOS On Netflix

Starburst Gummiburst liquid-filled gummies


Castle, Fringe, Big Bang Theory

Start from the beginning, nab “Fringe” season 1

Watch “The Walking Dead” on Netflix

The Melting Pot Show with Erin Edgar on Mushroom FM

During the Classic Trek discussion, Ranger mentioned “The Captains” documentary that you can find on Netflix 

Between The Covers

This month’s homework is “Neverwhere”, by Neil Gaiman

From ArsTechnica, about the bio, “Why Steve Jobs cried”

Ranger mentions the famous TNT movie with Noah Wiley the classic “Pirates of Silicon Valley”


We tend to make references to music, movies and more. Here are some of the more influential ones that we mentioned during this episode.

Our opening quote was from this annual holiday classic featuring some flying forest animal with a brightly colored nose

The story of Festivus

And keeping up the Seinfeld references, Ranger mentioned the “Puffy Shirt”. Here is the story behind that famous wardrobe malfunction.

Hong Kong Phooey: Number One Super Guy

Behold! The NBC Peacock in COLOR!

The Simpsons quote about “Wings” Ranger mentions comes from a Season 4 episode

TJ Hooker Lesson One: The Hood Slide

Up to 300mph… Street Hawk

Robot Chicken makes a statement about the recent “Knight Rider” remake

Toy Story “You have a friend in me” instrumental

Fred Rated for Federated

Hefty!  Hefty! Hefty!

Sing with us! Two all beef patties…

MidLife Crisis

Soft Kitty, warm kitty

Chewie sings Silent night

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