Aug 19 2012

EOL Episode 9: The Boa Maneuver

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Hi, how was your summer? See any good movies? TV? Read any books? So, yeah its been a … while since our last episode. This little thing we try to avoid called “real life” got in the way. And we are really really sorry that happened. We are happy to be back on track with our little podcast and we hope you like Episode Number 9, Number 9, number .. er um 9 a lot. We are already in the process of stapling 3 by 5 cards together into Pyramid hats that will eventually be Episode 10. Stay tuned! Oh, and thanks a million to Eric Troupe for coming in and doing a stellar job in the 3rd chair.

But what else would you expect from a guy who does a podcast called “Monkeys Took My Jetpack”?

Before we even left the station, we mentioned the amazing Doctor Who Table Top RPG. To learn more about the Cubical Seven Doctor Who games mentioned visit this site

Also, Ranger mentioned the classic Table Top RPG company White Wolf. Here is an unofficial site that does a great job at detailing the history and the systems of the company.


We decided to change it up this time around and we discuss music instead of movies. And to get us started we delve into this article that talks about Classic Rock songs that are just plain worn out.

6 classic songs that started off as jokes

In the Nexus: Secret Menus

We begin with this Lifehacker article on secret menus at coffee shops

The secret menu McDonald’s doesn’t want you to know about

10 Secret Menu Items

24 secret menus

Secret Menu items

McDonald’s Secret Menus that Failed

Ranger has been forbidden to shop at Teavana for their most excellent Tea and Tea Accessories. Its one more vice he doesn’t need!

Pizza Hut are you listening? Bring back the Priazzo!

Nom, Nom, Nom

Homework: Easter Candy

Ranger offered to Rockstar some of his faves. He figured she would like the York Peppermint Patty Eggs

Ranger, however, knew that the Cocanut M&M Eggs would not be in her favor. But did you know you could personalize M&Ms to your liking? Check this out to learn more…

The Return of the Peeps

Eric desires a little Bit O honey

Ranger says that the goodness of the classic Bird’s nest candies brings back happy Easter thoughts

Ranger notes that all your old favorite candies from the past, and more, exist at Dylan’s Candy Bar

We wonder what the cholesterol level is for those living in the McDonaldland Universe

Don’t remember the King and his Burger King Food Court? Relive those fond memories by reading this

How about a maple Bacon Doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts?

or, would you try the Peanut Butter and jelly hamburger?

oh, how about the 12 Egg Omelet

New homework: What is your favorite BBQ?

Whatcha Been Consumin’?


Ranger’s loving the new additions to Halfbrick’s Jet pack Joyride

The grand rewatch of Star Trek Deep Space Nine has begun

he is also trying to teach his mother about the finer points of BritComs with “Father Ted”

Before he was the new Scottie in Star Trek, before he was “Shaun of the Dead”, he was in the 20something comedy series “Spaced”.

And Ranger actually watched something non Sci Fi for a change with the viewing of the “True Grit’ remake


Star Trek books including:

Captain’s Peril: William Shatner

Star Trek Generations: J.M. Dillard

Ramune Japanese Soda

Enter the “Shatnerverse”

Ranger busts out the knowledge on Star Trek Generations. Learn even more from the ImDB Trivia page

Blind Geek:

Netflix has all the new Series of Doctor Who. Here is a beginners guide for viewing the show

Catch up on “Castle” with Hulu

Between The Covers

The new Dark Tower is here! Rockstar and Ranger discuss ‘A Wind Through The Keyhole”

Previous homework: Divergent by Veronica Roth

New Homework: Demon and Freedom by Daniel Suarez


Double Cheeseburger

Where are the Cheetos?!

Don’t Play That Song!

How was this not in the movie “Rhinestone” soundtrack? Dolly Parton singing “Stairway to Heaven”

The musical stylings of I Ron Butterfly

Highly Illogical

Bilbo… live!

A 3 Hour Tour

We come from the land of the ice and snow

More Cowbell

Find out how they do that middle solo for the Karaoke version of “Don’t Fear The Reeper”

Screaming In The Night!

Hello Again

Hey everybody, its Music Time!

I’m A Loser Baby

Coming Down The Mountain

The song that meant you suffered through the 90s, “More Than Words”

In violent times… Shout!

We can keep you young and tender

Fight For Your Right, RIP MCA

Secret messages

Hold on tight to your Luck Dragon

Thank you Easter Bunny

Cadbury Bunny Try Outs

There’s always time for McDonald’s

Meet Sir Shake A Lot, not to be confused with Sir Mix A lot of course

Poisoning Pigeons In the Park with Skittles and Beer

If we don’t start soon George Lucas is going to change it again

Titanic In Super 3D!

Jason Of Star Command

Superman Movie Table Read Excerpt

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