Dec 05 2012

EOL Extra 7A: The Doctor, The Ponds, and Series 7A

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Listen to EOL Extra DR7A: The Doctor, The Ponds And Series 7a



It has been a little more than a year since Byron 27 and Ranger sat down and geeked out about the last of the Time Lords, and with the recent first half of the new series just ended, both decided that it was time [heh heh, time] to revisit the TARDIS Blue world of “The Doctor”. In this episode, warning there be spoilers ahead!, the duo cover the first five episodes of Series 7 covering a bit on the past and rumored future of the show as well. They even take a moment to discuss two other Doctors from previous regenerations. Of course it wouldn’t be EOL without some mild quotes and mentions of other coolness…

so here are some of the things mentioned in this EOL Extra.

Post Script, the other ending mentioned for Series 7a

See all five episodes of “Pond Life” in one go

“Timey Winey” is “The Chronology Of River Song”

And here are a bunch of other things we may have dropped into the conversation

Think Geek TARDIS Towel

Classic Doctors, new Adventures, we love Big Finish!

Doctor Who Dreamland

Curse of the Fatal Death

The Hitchhikers Guide To the Daleks


They’ve Gone To Plad

I Am The Doctor

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One Response to “EOL Extra 7A: The Doctor, The Ponds, and Series 7A”

  1. SerpantKing says:

    Hey Guys. I’ve been listening to end of line for a while, and I have one thing to say: you are awwesome! If you guys are big sci-fi fans, and like the doctor, check out the podcasts on Darker Projects and pendant audio. Remember: We live for the one, we die for the one. Keep being awwesome!