Apr 29 2012

EOL Episode 8: Shake N Cake

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This month, we’re joined once again by Byron Lee, who appears to have an unhealthy fascination with the third chair. Our chairs aren’t nearly as comfortable as a ride in the Delorian, but once we’re all strapped in, we travel back to the future to talk bacon, Easter candy, the consumption of an entire convention, and a lot more.


Its real and it doesn’t sound good. RoboCop remake in 2013

Do you remember the Robocop cartoon series?

Did the clip above interest you? Click this one to learn more about the animated series.

Cashing in on nostalgia, Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie

Byron was right and there already was a Garbage Pail Kids movie. Here is the trailer from 1987

The Blasted Bill website Byron mentions can be found here

The Weird Al movie that we wish would happen based upon seeing this fake trailer

A Star Is Born again for the 21st century

In The Flux, oops, Nexus: “Back To The Future”

Find the “Back To The Future” trilogy on Blu Ray now

The studio didn’t know what they had by the looks of the original trailer for the first film

The saga continued for a while for a few Saturday mornings with the “Back To The Future” cartoon

Back To The Future Remake?

Enjoy your trip with the “Back To The Future” ride

Learn more about how they made the ride at this link

Check out the trailer for the BTTF Travlers Tales game

The actor they got for the part of Marti is crazy good

Find the game on the iOS App Store at this link

Doc Brown lives on in advertising

Great Scott! It’s the shoes!

Byron could have bought marti’s sneakers,

however, he probably will just go ahead and buy Mattel’s new Hoverboard instead.

Find the Flux Capacitor app here

Visit Hill Valley through the Grand Theft Auto Vice City mod

Technology that was inspired by the BTTF Trilogy

Right Place, Wrong Time: 9 Technologies Born Before Their Time

Why the future will be horrifying

We also mentioned a lot of unrelated stuff in this portion of the show. Here are some of the links to things we mentioned.

 “The Stand” available now on Netflix

Quantum Leap rebooted

That Mario cartoon? Its on Netflix

Star Trek’s Las Vegas Ride

Remembering the Star Trek Experience through Wiki

The original version of “Star Tours”

Nom, Nom, Nom

The Rockstar abides, spicy foods are good for you

The Spice is Life!

Wile not the specific  “Dune” mashup Rockstar mentioned, this one is quite excellent

The Homework assignment for this go around was to name the strangest places you had seen Bacon. This led into a wild conversation about the below links and much more.

Death by Bacon!

 “bacon” by the great Luke Ski

Cirque du So What

A list where you can find Bacon in the strangest of places

Fried Egg Bacon Cheeseburger, the start of a perfect breakfast!

Hamburger with 1050 strips of bacon

Bacon and Blue Cheese dressing

This 3 2 1 cake doesn’t have any Bacon in it, but it may go great on the side.

And our Homework for next time… what is your favorite or strangest Easter candy? Here, we will get you started…

Did Byron’s peanut Butter combo sound good? Take a gander at what it looks like here

10 things you can do with Peeps

And for strange peep related links, Peeps fight!

What’cha Been Consumin’?


The Ranger has been catching up on the awesome WB series “Supernatural” on Netflix

He also finally sat down and watched the wonderful modern day take on “Sherlock”

Go retro and play games like Gauntlet, Defender and Spyhunter on your iPad with the midway Arcade app for iOS

The Doctor and Lela travel on in the Fourth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish

A big shout out to the  gang at The Doctor Who Podcast. One of the very best shows out on the web for those who like to learn more about Big Finish, classic Who and more.


Myron Bolitar series by Harlan Coben

Begin with Deal Breaker.


African Immortals Series: Tananarive Due

This one isn’t available on Audible, but the series begins with My Soul to Keep.


Byron 27

Byron talks about attending MarsCon.

You can find out more about Marscon here

Denise Crosby, Lt. Yarr from STNG, was at marscon. But have you ever seen her documentary “Trekies”> Check “Trekies” out  out on Netflix.

And if you want to know more about the benefit Marscon Dementia CD, visit this link

Consortium of Genius – Marscon 2012 Musical Guest of Honor

Saga of the Skolian Empire Series – Catherine Asaro

Reading order of Skolian Empire Series by internal chronology

Hear the songs from the Skolian Empire Series book, Diamond Star

11-22-63 by Stephen King – Audio

Weird Al Face to Face on Nerdist Youtube Channel


Between The Covers

Strange habits of famous writers

Homework: John Hodgeman’s “Areas of my expertise” and “More Information Than you Require”  

John Hodgman with the Authors@Google series

John and Jo Co at Square Books

Jonathon Coulton – Thing a Week

Find everything Jonathan Colton here

New Homework: Divergent: Veronica Roth



Our opening quote took us “Back To The Future”

Commander Cash!

They took our jobs!

Nintendo cereal

Tom Cruise won’t come out of the closet

Now I’m in the closet too

Watch closely now

Adam Sandler is…

Brokeback To The Future, hate mail can be sent to Byron for this one

Time Circuits active, The Doctor meets Doc Brown

Peter Griffin vs Marti McFly

Martha Quinn’s Basement Tapes

The fine crew of the Red Dwarf on the Grassy Nole

Edutainment at its best, welcome to Beakman’s World

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

Captain N and the new Super Mario World

Hamlet in native Klingon

Deep Space 9: The Fallen

What about Zoidberg?

I can’t read!

Its pi!

And we helped!

Hamburger Helper… with cheese

Sherlock’s theme

Oh wow man, it’s a commercial for Neil’s Heavy Concept Album

Rick’s favorite, and Byron’s too, Living Doll

You Been Here 4 Hour


Mesa all sparkly and glowy!

I love this plan

Oh look, here comes the bus

On the shoulders of freaks

Good night everybody!

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One Response to “EOL Episode 8: Shake N Cake”

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    EOL Crew,

    With all of your talk about bacon, I have no clue how you can skip over one very important food group:

    GelatinousMeat, aka SPiced hAM.

    This product provides the most convenient way to enjoy a five star meal following the Zombie apocalypse, or after training for the invasion after using such Apps like Zombie Run and Where’s my Ducky. In the event the Zombies fail to show up, you will at least have a stockpile of perfectly good meat for months to come.

    Besides, what other pre-cooked meat product comes in flavors such as:
    – Classic
    – Low Sodium
    – Bacon
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    – Lite
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    This is the perfect food, having been featured in such music videos like:
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