Dec 14 2011

EOL Episode 4: Ultimate Zombie Garlic

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Welcome back to this freezer burned Thanksgiving leftover edition of the show. To be honest, we had a ton of sound issues and we enlisted Santa’s elves for some audio outsourcing to get this one together. The short story is that the magic in that old hat we found left behind by those messy elves worked and we have a show for you. the problem is that we got stuck with the elves expenses. Man can they ever trash a hotel room.

We welcome Joshua Loya, ServantWarrior to the 3rd chair this month and he, like all of you, is a listener of the program. Remember, if you think you have the Geek Cred, you can submit an iReport or drop us a line at to tell us that you would like to be in the 3rd chair.


The Tasting

Were you enticed to try the chips we ate on the show? Find out more about Blair’s Death Rain chips

And you can wash them down with Dr. Pepper 10 says Ranger.

Or, you can always try the Toxic Waste Candy as eaten by the Rockstar



Prepare yourself for “The Great Gatsby 3D”

Get the excellent HBO Ronald D Moore first season of “Carnivale”

Or, nab the wonderful HBO Western “Deadwood

A cringeworthy Hallmark original for the holidays “Aprincess for Christmas “

And discussions of Bonds led Ranger to go off on a screed about one Bond’s movie career with “The Russia House”,

 “The Name of the Rose” and the awesome


You could skip all of that and just watch the holiday fare on NBC though.

Other holiday faves mentioned were “It’s a Wonderful Life”

or the classic “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”

Or you could skip all of it and just watch Netflix. They want you back!

In the Nexus: Muppets and More

The history of MahnaMahna

Its your birthday! Sesame Street   premier from 1969  

Star Wars On the Muppet show’s “Pigs In Space”

Who can forget the SweedishChef

Statler and Waldorf

Animal and “Serene!”

Relive your childhood memories with Season 1 of “The Muppet Show”

Want to know more about the attempt to reboot “The muppet show”? Watch the opening of “Muppets Tonight”.

Boy, there was a lot of crazy marketing for the new Muppet Movie. Check out the sendups like this one for “The Heaviest Catch”

Here’s more on Muppets movie send ups

The Muppets Team are worried about changes made for the new movie

has marketing gone too far for the new movie with The Muppets… on WWE RAW?

Find “Muppets From Space” on Amazon

Fraggle Rock big screen adventures may be on the way

Buy the Dark Crystal

Watch Farscape on Netflix

Listen to the Scaper Chronicles: a guide to Farscape at

Get Farscape now on Blu Ray

Nom, Nom, Nom!

Last month’s homework was anything Pumpkin. And we all like the Starbucks pumpkin offerings for the holidays. And you could try the Peppermint Moca while you are there as Peppermint stuff is the homework for December!

And if that isn’t a thing for you, we have another vote for the Key Lime Shake from Steak’N”Shake.

What’s in a McRib? Read if you dare!

And if you ever wondered what happens when you eat 30 days of nothing but McDonalds, watch “super Size Me” on Netflix.

Ranger recommends Candy Cane oreos

And the Blizard for November was Carmel Nut Roll

The debate of Blue Chees vs. Ranch continues, but now we have another one to ask all of you. Coke vs Pepsi the infamous cola wars

Pancake flipping is hard

Tips for the Frugal Cook

20 unusual ways to use salt

20 uses of Honey you may not have thought of

What’cha Been Consumin’?

Ranger has been watching “Star Trek: The Animated Series” on Netflix

He also likes the new megadeth album “Th1rt3en”

It has a real “Rust In Peace” flavor.

Check out Graphic Audio’s “Batman: No Mans land”

The Rockstar is reading the latest title by Stephen King  “11-22-63”

King of Dragon Pass on iOS

Servant Warrior

The Leviathan Chronicles

Scott Sigler’s Galactic Football League series

MUD: Alter Eon

Between The Covers

Libraries Release Most-Censored Books List

Homework Discussion: “Ready Player One” by Earnest Klein

And if you like this book, check out “Snow Crash”

or “Daemon”.

We also had an iReport recommend the books of Joel Shepard

New homework: Walter Isaacson’s bio on “Steve Jobs


Quoted This Episode:

The opening quote is from one of the many South park Thanksgiving specials. You can find the whole episode here.

Planet of the Apes: The Musical – YouTube Mash Up

theRockstar is in the festive mood with AC/DC’s “A mistress for Christmas”

Sesame Street  First and Last

Guy Smiely Here is your Life

The YouTube sensation “Elmo orders Taco Bell”

OK Go Takes on the Muppets

The Muppet show: Sax and Violence

The thing you will want to forget after you see it, The Star Wars Christmas Special

The opening to the cartoon “Muppet babies”

“My eyes! The goggles do nothing!”

Cut me!

Rush’s “2112”… in 8 bit!

The bagpipes that played over our ending comments

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