Apr 29 2012

EOL Episode 8: Shake N Cake

Category: podcastsrenger @ 1:17 pm

Listen to EOL Episode 8: Shake N Cake   Introduction This month, we’re joined once again by Byron Lee, who appears to have an unhealthy fascination with the third chair. Our chairs aren’t nearly as comfortable as a ride in the Delorian, but once we’re all strapped in, we travel back to the future to […]

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Apr 01 2012

EOL After Dark

Category: Extrasrenger @ 1:45 pm

Listen To EOL After Dark   I am the Fact Sphere. I am the most intelligent sphere. I am a handsome sphere. Spheres do not exist. The recording you are about to hear was made in a submarine, which is superior to boats in almost every way. Borris in A Box is made of tungsten, […]

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