Feb 02 2012

EOL Episode 6: A Place for Everything

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Welcome back to the show that reminds you of all that geeky stuff in your attic or storage room. This month we managed to cash in the very large check that was offered to us, virtually of course, by our 3rd Chair mr. kevin Reeves. Somehow fake money like this doesn’t seem as cool as that found in the monopoly games of old. Did you know that that board game in its modern day version uses a debit card instead of multi colored printed money? That just seems wrong. Just like the information that was issued forth from our friend the Fact Sphere.



Its time to sit “Baby in a corner” again with a planned “Dirty Dancing’ remake

And could an update of “Point Break” be any good without the master Thesbian Mr. Reeves?

Join the fight against the Remake

Find “Return to Oz” on Amazon

Watch “Tin Man” on Netflix

Check out the 30th anniversary edition of “The Wiz”

Denzel Washington Is “The Equalizer”

In the Nexuss: Robot uprising Part 1

Initial steps forward with the creation of a Rat Cyborg

Skynet is born, thanks Japan!

What will our new robot overlords sound like? Japanese robot mouth copies speech

T1000 technology possible with Self healing electronics

Robot Walks Like a Human, Requires No Power

Robot To Slowly Run Ironman Triathlon Course

This is one robot we would like to have! Behold the Hallmark Rosie the Robot Ornament!

Robots make us sandwiches and popcorn.

We also recommend some movies, like “Bicentennial Man”, to prepare you for the social upheavel to come.

 “Westworld” is another film that will have you worried about any animated motion things at your next trip to the amusement park

And the 80’s classic “Short Circuit” reminds us that robots aren’t all bad. 


Nom, Nom, Nom!

The homework assignment was anything Cinnamon

Ranger recommends Bigelow Cinnamon Stick Tea

Ranger wasn’t kidding about the size of the Carnival magic nor the tons of food on this boat either!

Our next assignment, should you decide to accept it, tell us about your favorite or most disgusting fast food breakfast food

For example, you could try this Hash Brown Casserole


What’cha Benn Consumin’?

Ranger is totally enthralled with Murray  Gold’s soundtrack for “Doctor Who” Series 6

Ranger also liked the soundtrack for “Torchwood: Children of Earth”

Catch “That Mitchell and Webb Look” on Netflix

Ranger is also having tons of fun on the iPad with Halfbrick Studios “Jetpack Joyride”

The Rocstar has been reading “The Name of The Wind: Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1 “ by Patrick Rothfuss

Not for the faint of heart, Dave’s Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce

Kevin is currently watching “Doctor Who” Series 5 via Netflix

kevin also loves the Graphic Audio app for iOS

And the whole team talks about Nick jr.


Between The Covers:

We begin our discussion about books with this article about 10 Modern Must Read Sci Fi Classics

Dark Tower Update, Ranger started book 6 just in time for Book 8 to be announced

We also briefly talk about the release of a sample chapter for Book Six of “song of Ice and Fire” series

Our previous assignment, that Ranger didn’t read due to the Dark Tower, was  “Neverwhere”, by Neil Gaiman. That means he has to play catch up by reading that and our new homework, “Altered Carbon” by  Richard K.Morgan

We also discussed Clive Barker’s Imajica.

Did Ranger’s mention of “Boot Hill” and “Gamaworld” bring back memories? Then check out this look at TSR Games of the past.

We promised a better definition of steampunk and cyberpunk than the Rockstar’s rambling diatribe, so check out The definition of “Steampunk” and The Definition of Cyberpunk.

Ranger suggests that you can view Steampunk higharchy in motion if you watch “The Guild” Season 5


Our hat is off to our amazing Post Production guy for our version of the T2 opening. Check out the original then listen to ours! 

The Phantom Zone

Playing in a supermarket near you, this “Dirty Dancing” song remake

“I want Room Service!”

Shakespeare plus Reeves equals OMG!

Filmation’s “Ghostbusters” Opening theme

The *Real* Ghostbusters

Do you remember Stewart Copeland’s awesome “The Equalizer” theme?

Enjoy the official theme song of our new Robotic Overlords

Or maybe this one would be better from Craftwork

Number 5 is Alive!

Here is the Man Vs Food San Antonio challenge Ranger mentioned

“The phone is ringing!” it’s the Wonderpets!

Take a fun boat trip that both Ranger and kevin lovingly quote from

“Where’s the Cheetos?”

Let your geek flag fly…

And last but not least, listen to the very end for this one, “We will never be apart”

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