Mar 11 2012

EOL Episode 7: Flush With Sporks

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Okay, a warning before we start. This episode isn’t like our usual crazy light hearted fun that we have been kind of known for in our short run as your geek stop podcast. In this episode we delve into some heady bits on the topic of Man Vs. Machine and we think you will enjoy the opinions of our 3rd chair, Mr. Damon Rose on these matters. However, as seen in the notes below, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t talk our usual brand of nonsense. We have plenty of that to spare throughout the entire show actually. We just wanted to point out that we really think the topic was cool to discuss and we’d love to have your feedback on our comments in this episode. Enjoy!



Moonbase Alpha, Eagles and Space 2099?

Want to know more about this 70’s classic? Check out the “Space 1999” wiki

Or, check out this YouTube clip from the first episode of the second season to see just how many shows have drawn water from the well of Moonbase Alpha

And, by some chance if you are a fan of the show, if you ever wanted to know what the fate of the crew was after the second season… this clip. that was screened for the show’s anniversary convention, will help explain the fates of many of the show’s characters and serves as closure for the series as a whole

Ranger notes, again, that the UK version of “Being Human” is far superior to the lame US Sci Fi Channel edition. Check it out on Netflix to see why he feels this way

Also, as a part of the “Space 1999” discussion and as a public service to all you Scrabble players, here is the definition of the term “Schlock”

Watch the only episode of the 5th Trek series, season 4’s “Through A Mirror Darkly” , on Netflix to judge how Manny Kodo tried to save cannon from the hands of Braga and Berman

Hasbro and Universal break up, no “Monopoly:The Movie” for you!

Your 80’s memories reborn, Blue Lagoon Remake on the way

We have a follow up to last month’s Abomination, Short Circuit remake gets a writer

Oh, and here’s another, The Jetsons movie moves forward with new writers

Here’s a clip from the mentioned BBC 70’s show “The Magic Roundabout”

And here is another but this time it’s the video from the title track of “The Magic Roundabout” modern day movie

Spider Man, Spider Man, looks a lot like Bat Man

Catch the 1967 cartoon Spider Man on Netflix for a blast from your childhood past

Or, get funky with this opening title sequence from the 70’s CBS Spidey TV series

And if that didn’t scare you True Believers, then this clip from the CBS TV Series of “Logan’s Run” just might

CBS did get comics right though in the 80’s with the short lived “The Flash” TV series

In The Matrix, um.. Nexus

No one can tell you what the Matrix is, okay, maybe this page can

Learn the story before the movies with the rise of the machines from the “Animatrix The 2nd Renaissance Part 1”

And the “Animatrix The 2nd Renaissance Part “2  

Watch the entire 10 segments of the  “Animatrix” via Netflix

Don’t want to play the “Enter The Matrix” videogame twice to get both storylines? This link will show you the cut scenes from the game

And after the revolution, there was a Matrix Online MMORPG

Scientists getting closer to building brains, the artificial kind  

Virtual versions of your friends and family could be like this scene from “Superman The Movie”

Would taking a ride via a Transporter reconstruct you or create your clone?

The term “Transporter Accident” is a catch all term

Watch “Dollhouse” on Netflix to see some concepts of virtual personalities and artificial memories from the mind of Joss Wheaton

Striving for perfection, or so Khan thought, during the Eugenics Wars

One day we hope to meet in Sto-Vo-kor

Robot Avatar Transmits Sight, Hearing and Touch To Humans  

What if you could download new skills?

Scientists say that we are getting closer to matrix styled learning

Nom, Nom, Nom!

Beth sent in an iReport asking us to imagine what a drunk robot would sound like? No need when you can watch “Futurama” on Netflix

Also, for Beth’s other question about the metal ones, Scientists invent robot that eats and poops

And, this is especially after Damon’s story about her, we will try and keep this image of Tiny Tears alive in our thoughts

Remember that only Old Glory can give you the protection you need from robots

Where can you find a spork outside of KFC? Why at this link you will find the Star Trek Star Fleet Academy Spork from Think Geek

We asked you last month to find us the scarier breakfast foods on the market. While Sonic, Hardy’s and Carl’s Jr. have some of the worst stuff around… we still find McGriddles some of the most evil early morning fare on the menu today

Care to guess how many calories are in the Burger King Breakfast Burrito that the Rockstar mentioned?

But why not combine breakfast with dessert with the Jack In The Box Bacon Milkshake

Bacon Beer, its what’s for breakfast

Infinite bacon

Your homework for next time is to tell us the strangest places you have seen bacon used. For inspiration check out these 8 Essential Bacon Hacks

Lisa called in to the show to try and be the peacemaker between the Ranch Vs. Blue chees factions. We have been discussing this since Episode 3. While we wish her the best of luck with that, here is a link to the oyster Crackers and the Barbra’s Bakery goods she mentioned in her iReport

As promised by the Rockstar herself, here is the Wiki page describing what Ranch Dressing tastes like. We already know, boy howdy don’t we,  what Ranger says it tastes like. So we’ll just skip any links to his recommendations for that shall we?

What’cha Been Consumin’?

Ranger recommends earlier seasons of FX’s “Archer” on Netflix

Check out this interview with the voice of Sterling  Archer himself, John Benjamin

And if you like “Archer, check out Adam Reed’s earlier Adult Swim work with “Sealab 2021”

or pick up “Frisky Dingo” season 1

Relive 70s Saturday Tea Time all over again with the Big Finish Fourth Doctor Lost Stories Box Set

Rockstar recommends City of Dragons by Robin Hobb. This is the third in the series, so you should begin the trilogy with Dragon Keeper followed by Dragon Haven. For more in this universe, check out the Liveship Traders series, beginning with Ship of Magic.

“By your command” and buy the complete Battlestar Galactica Blu Ray set

Mr. Rose recommends “Perfect People” by Peter James

Nab Matt La’Blanc in the UK series “Episodes” on Blu Ray

Between The Covers

Homework Discussion: Neverwhere Redux and Altered Carbon

Ranger mentioned that “Neverwhere” reminded him of the 80’s CBS Series “Beauty and the Beast” with the city below the city. Try the show out on Netflix if you want to know more

Minds get backed up for Altered Carbon film

The Forgetting Pill Erases Painful Memories Forever | Wired Magazine |

New Homework: John Hodgeman’s “Areas of my expertise” and “More Information Than you Require”  



The opening quote features the first meeting of Neo and Trinity

The word! He said the word!

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Board Now…

Dr. Pepper Ten, its not for women?

Second Python reference, Whatney’s Red Barrel

Tap your toes to the theme from “archer”

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