Aug 19 2012

EOL Episode 9: The Boa Maneuver

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Listen to EOL Episode 9: The Boa Maneuver   Introduction Hi, how was your summer? See any good movies? TV? Read any books? So, yeah its been a … while since our last episode. This little thing we try to avoid called “real life” got in the way. And we are really really sorry that […]

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Jan 07 2012

EOL Episode 5: Let Me Take My Shirt Off

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Listen to EOL Episode 5: Let me Take My Shirt Off Introductions The holidays for the EOL crew aren’t over yet and neither are they over for the 3rd chair. This episode we are joined by a man who knows his bad TV and that kind of geek cred gives Rodney Edgar from the Tech […]

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Aug 18 2011

EOL Episode 1: The Ground Rules

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Listen to EOL episode 1: The Ground Rules Hello and welcome to “End of Line”, or what we lovingly call EOL. We invite you to listen to our podcast and read along with these notes to learn more about the things we talk about on the show. Remember, a big part of what we do […]

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