Apr 25 2013

EOL Episode 10: Sunday School Cookies

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Listen to EOL Episode 10: Sunday School Cookies The triple decker sandwich cookie of geek podcasting has returned with something old, something new and something TARDIS Blue in what, for us, is a shorter than the usual full length episode running time. No, we aren’t kidding. Download them all and check us on that just […]

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Apr 01 2013

EOL: Log for 01042013

Category: Extras, podcastsrenger @ 11:38 am

Listen to EOL Log 01042013   In the third millennium, the world changed. Climate, nations, all were in upheaval. The Earth transformed into a poisonous, scorched desert, known as “The Cursed Earth”. Millions of people crowded into a few Megacities, where roving bands of street savages created violence the justice system could not control. Law, […]