Apr 01 2013

EOL: Log for 01042013

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In the third millennium, the world changed. Climate, nations, all were in upheaval. The Earth transformed into a poisonous, scorched desert, known as “The Cursed Earth”. Millions of people crowded into a few Megacities, where roving bands of street savages created violence the justice system could not control. Law, as we know it, collapsed. From the decay rose a new order, a society ruled by a new, elite force. A force with the power to dispense both justice and punishment. They were the police, jury and executioner all in one. They were … the Roombas.


Log Entry for 01-04-2013


In today’s log, it’s important for us to describe not only where we are today, but how we got here.


It all started with:

Panasonic To Unveil New Helper Robots

And there was then competition.

Robot Vacuums: Roomba, Smarbo, And Now The Smartphone-Controlled RoboKing

Then they got smarter

Social Network for Robots Lets You Talk to Your Roomba

Robots invent their own language

Then they started to evolve

Gecko-Inspired Robot Rolls Up Walls

New ‘Rubber Robot’ Crawls Through Small Spaces With Inflatable Limbs

And don’t forget

35-Foot Robot Snake Weighs a Ton, Causes Nightmares  

Military To Field Test “Throwable” Robots

That was followed by the dumbass who did

Brit builds smartphone into prosthetic arm

Robot Controls Person’s Arm To Manipulate Objects

Japanese Engineers Create Extremely lifelike Robot Girlfriend

And now we hear reports from the U K that their resistance said they went all T 1000

Self Healing Chips

And today, we bring you

Robots Rocking Out



Dec 05 2012

EOL Extra 7A: The Doctor, The Ponds, and Series 7A

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It has been a little more than a year since Byron 27 and Ranger sat down and geeked out about the last of the Time Lords, and with the recent first half of the new series just ended, both decided that it was time [heh heh, time] to revisit the TARDIS Blue world of “The Doctor”. In this episode, warning there be spoilers ahead!, the duo cover the first five episodes of Series 7 covering a bit on the past and rumored future of the show as well. They even take a moment to discuss two other Doctors from previous regenerations. Of course it wouldn’t be EOL without some mild quotes and mentions of other coolness…

so here are some of the things mentioned in this EOL Extra.

Post Script, the other ending mentioned for Series 7a

See all five episodes of “Pond Life” in one go

“Timey Winey” is “The Chronology Of River Song”

And here are a bunch of other things we may have dropped into the conversation

Think Geek TARDIS Towel

Classic Doctors, new Adventures, we love Big Finish!

Doctor Who Dreamland

Curse of the Fatal Death

The Hitchhikers Guide To the Daleks


They’ve Gone To Plad

I Am The Doctor

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Oct 26 2012

EOL Extra: 7 of 9 0 1 to 5

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Yes, we know we are slacking. No, we really are busy. And, yeah, we haven’t forgotten our sworn duties, nor our Wonder Twin powers that compel us to just let our “geek flags fly!”. Blame real life, blame work and most of all “Blame Canada”. Oh great, now we have to go watch that song on YouTube. So easily distracted. Also, we hope this EOL Extra will be distracting enough until we release Episode 10. If not, then look behind you… Quick! … Ahem, that didn’t work either huh? Oh well, enjoy the Extra then.



Sam Ramey wants to direct a “Poltergeist” remake?

And even more info on this Spielberg reimagining  

Fincher wants pitt for 20,000 leagues remake

Yah, Fargo TV Series don’t’cha know

Nom, Nom, Nom:

25 foods you can never hav again

Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts, done live

Spiced Pumpkin pecan Ice Cream from Blue Bell

What’cha Been Consumin’


Cinnamon Roll Captin Crunch

Cinnamon and Yogurt covered pretzels from Buc-ee’s

Dark knight Returns Anime  


Rockstar and the creepy candy cornucopia

The Hunger Games

The Avengers

World Gates Series: Holly Lisle

New seasons for 30 Rock, Family Guy, Walking Dead, Sherlock, Supernatural and more now on Netflix.

Between The Covers

Reading Rainbow Collector’s Edition on iTunes

Top 10 Fantasy Debuts of 2011


This isn’t a car

One of the 17 versions of “Leave It”

They’re here!

Fargo don’t’cha know?

Minnesota Style

We’re going the wrong way, Break it down


Dog Water

Avengers Assemble!

Julia Child Auto Tuned

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Aug 19 2012

EOL Episode 9: The Boa Maneuver

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Hi, how was your summer? See any good movies? TV? Read any books? So, yeah its been a … while since our last episode. This little thing we try to avoid called “real life” got in the way. And we are really really sorry that happened. We are happy to be back on track with our little podcast and we hope you like Episode Number 9, Number 9, number .. er um 9 a lot. We are already in the process of stapling 3 by 5 cards together into Pyramid hats that will eventually be Episode 10. Stay tuned! Oh, and thanks a million to Eric Troupe for coming in and doing a stellar job in the 3rd chair.

But what else would you expect from a guy who does a podcast called “Monkeys Took My Jetpack”?

Before we even left the station, we mentioned the amazing Doctor Who Table Top RPG. To learn more about the Cubical Seven Doctor Who games mentioned visit this site

Also, Ranger mentioned the classic Table Top RPG company White Wolf. Here is an unofficial site that does a great job at detailing the history and the systems of the company.


We decided to change it up this time around and we discuss music instead of movies. And to get us started we delve into this article that talks about Classic Rock songs that are just plain worn out.

6 classic songs that started off as jokes

In the Nexus: Secret Menus

We begin with this Lifehacker article on secret menus at coffee shops

The secret menu McDonald’s doesn’t want you to know about

10 Secret Menu Items

24 secret menus

Secret Menu items

McDonald’s Secret Menus that Failed

Ranger has been forbidden to shop at Teavana for their most excellent Tea and Tea Accessories. Its one more vice he doesn’t need!

Pizza Hut are you listening? Bring back the Priazzo!

Nom, Nom, Nom

Homework: Easter Candy

Ranger offered to Rockstar some of his faves. He figured she would like the York Peppermint Patty Eggs

Ranger, however, knew that the Cocanut M&M Eggs would not be in her favor. But did you know you could personalize M&Ms to your liking? Check this out to learn more…

The Return of the Peeps

Eric desires a little Bit O honey

Ranger says that the goodness of the classic Bird’s nest candies brings back happy Easter thoughts

Ranger notes that all your old favorite candies from the past, and more, exist at Dylan’s Candy Bar

We wonder what the cholesterol level is for those living in the McDonaldland Universe

Don’t remember the King and his Burger King Food Court? Relive those fond memories by reading this

How about a maple Bacon Doughnut from Voodoo Doughnuts?

or, would you try the Peanut Butter and jelly hamburger?

oh, how about the 12 Egg Omelet

New homework: What is your favorite BBQ?

Whatcha Been Consumin’?


Ranger’s loving the new additions to Halfbrick’s Jet pack Joyride

The grand rewatch of Star Trek Deep Space Nine has begun

he is also trying to teach his mother about the finer points of BritComs with “Father Ted”

Before he was the new Scottie in Star Trek, before he was “Shaun of the Dead”, he was in the 20something comedy series “Spaced”.

And Ranger actually watched something non Sci Fi for a change with the viewing of the “True Grit’ remake


Star Trek books including:

Captain’s Peril: William Shatner

Star Trek Generations: J.M. Dillard

Ramune Japanese Soda

Enter the “Shatnerverse”

Ranger busts out the knowledge on Star Trek Generations. Learn even more from the ImDB Trivia page

Blind Geek:

Netflix has all the new Series of Doctor Who. Here is a beginners guide for viewing the show

Catch up on “Castle” with Hulu

Between The Covers

The new Dark Tower is here! Rockstar and Ranger discuss ‘A Wind Through The Keyhole”

Previous homework: Divergent by Veronica Roth

New Homework: Demon and Freedom by Daniel Suarez


Double Cheeseburger

Where are the Cheetos?!

Don’t Play That Song!

How was this not in the movie “Rhinestone” soundtrack? Dolly Parton singing “Stairway to Heaven”

The musical stylings of I Ron Butterfly

Highly Illogical

Bilbo… live!

A 3 Hour Tour

We come from the land of the ice and snow

More Cowbell

Find out how they do that middle solo for the Karaoke version of “Don’t Fear The Reeper”

Screaming In The Night!

Hello Again

Hey everybody, its Music Time!

I’m A Loser Baby

Coming Down The Mountain

The song that meant you suffered through the 90s, “More Than Words”

In violent times… Shout!

We can keep you young and tender

Fight For Your Right, RIP MCA

Secret messages

Hold on tight to your Luck Dragon

Thank you Easter Bunny

Cadbury Bunny Try Outs

There’s always time for McDonald’s

Meet Sir Shake A Lot, not to be confused with Sir Mix A lot of course

Poisoning Pigeons In the Park with Skittles and Beer

If we don’t start soon George Lucas is going to change it again

Titanic In Super 3D!

Jason Of Star Command

Superman Movie Table Read Excerpt

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Jul 02 2012

EOL Extra Episode 8.9: Again I say, Uuh!

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This episode is brought to you as a result  of Ranger’s procrastination. He clearly doesn’t understand that information wants to be free, even if that information should never see the light of day. Yes, we snuck in to a SeroTalk recording session and grabbed some geeky gobbledy-gook from Ranger and Rockstar during the preshow. Yes, we took some audio from the recording studio about the Avengers that we probably shouldn’t have. And yes, we’re releasing this extra without permission from anyone else. But are we ashamed? No! Spheres that feel shame are inferior to spheres that don’t. For that reason, we bring you EOL Episode 8.9. If, after listening to this, you still want episode 9, send your hate mail to resources@serotalk.com and denounce Ranger for his procrastination. Oh, and if anyone asks, we were never here.



The Spheres

Apr 29 2012

EOL Episode 8: Shake N Cake

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Listen to EOL Episode 8: Shake N Cake



This month, we’re joined once again by Byron Lee, who appears to have an unhealthy fascination with the third chair. Our chairs aren’t nearly as comfortable as a ride in the Delorian, but once we’re all strapped in, we travel back to the future to talk bacon, Easter candy, the consumption of an entire convention, and a lot more.


Its real and it doesn’t sound good. RoboCop remake in 2013

Do you remember the Robocop cartoon series?

Did the clip above interest you? Click this one to learn more about the animated series.

Cashing in on nostalgia, Garbage Pail Kids: The Movie

Byron was right and there already was a Garbage Pail Kids movie. Here is the trailer from 1987

The Blasted Bill website Byron mentions can be found here

The Weird Al movie that we wish would happen based upon seeing this fake trailer

A Star Is Born again for the 21st century

In The Flux, oops, Nexus: “Back To The Future”

Find the “Back To The Future” trilogy on Blu Ray now

The studio didn’t know what they had by the looks of the original trailer for the first film

The saga continued for a while for a few Saturday mornings with the “Back To The Future” cartoon

Back To The Future Remake?

Enjoy your trip with the “Back To The Future” ride

Learn more about how they made the ride at this link

Check out the trailer for the BTTF Travlers Tales game

The actor they got for the part of Marti is crazy good

Find the game on the iOS App Store at this link

Doc Brown lives on in advertising

Great Scott! It’s the shoes!

Byron could have bought marti’s sneakers,

however, he probably will just go ahead and buy Mattel’s new Hoverboard instead.

Find the Flux Capacitor app here

Visit Hill Valley through the Grand Theft Auto Vice City mod

Technology that was inspired by the BTTF Trilogy

Right Place, Wrong Time: 9 Technologies Born Before Their Time

Why the future will be horrifying

We also mentioned a lot of unrelated stuff in this portion of the show. Here are some of the links to things we mentioned.

 “The Stand” available now on Netflix

Quantum Leap rebooted

That Mario cartoon? Its on Netflix

Star Trek’s Las Vegas Ride

Remembering the Star Trek Experience through Wiki

The original version of “Star Tours”

Nom, Nom, Nom

The Rockstar abides, spicy foods are good for you

The Spice is Life!

Wile not the specific  “Dune” mashup Rockstar mentioned, this one is quite excellent

The Homework assignment for this go around was to name the strangest places you had seen Bacon. This led into a wild conversation about the below links and much more.

Death by Bacon!

 “bacon” by the great Luke Ski

Cirque du So What

A list where you can find Bacon in the strangest of places

Fried Egg Bacon Cheeseburger, the start of a perfect breakfast!

Hamburger with 1050 strips of bacon

Bacon and Blue Cheese dressing

This 3 2 1 cake doesn’t have any Bacon in it, but it may go great on the side.

And our Homework for next time… what is your favorite or strangest Easter candy? Here, we will get you started…

Did Byron’s peanut Butter combo sound good? Take a gander at what it looks like here

10 things you can do with Peeps

And for strange peep related links, Peeps fight!

What’cha Been Consumin’?


The Ranger has been catching up on the awesome WB series “Supernatural” on Netflix

He also finally sat down and watched the wonderful modern day take on “Sherlock”

Go retro and play games like Gauntlet, Defender and Spyhunter on your iPad with the midway Arcade app for iOS

The Doctor and Lela travel on in the Fourth Doctor Adventures from Big Finish

A big shout out to the  gang at The Doctor Who Podcast. One of the very best shows out on the web for those who like to learn more about Big Finish, classic Who and more.


Myron Bolitar series by Harlan Coben

Begin with Deal Breaker.


African Immortals Series: Tananarive Due

This one isn’t available on Audible, but the series begins with My Soul to Keep.


Byron 27

Byron talks about attending MarsCon.

You can find out more about Marscon here

Denise Crosby, Lt. Yarr from STNG, was at marscon. But have you ever seen her documentary “Trekies”> Check “Trekies” out  out on Netflix.

And if you want to know more about the benefit Marscon Dementia CD, visit this link

Consortium of Genius – Marscon 2012 Musical Guest of Honor

Saga of the Skolian Empire Series – Catherine Asaro

Reading order of Skolian Empire Series by internal chronology

Hear the songs from the Skolian Empire Series book, Diamond Star

11-22-63 by Stephen King – Audio

Weird Al Face to Face on Nerdist Youtube Channel


Between The Covers

Strange habits of famous writers

Homework: John Hodgeman’s “Areas of my expertise” and “More Information Than you Require”  

John Hodgman with the Authors@Google series

John and Jo Co at Square Books

Jonathon Coulton – Thing a Week

Find everything Jonathan Colton here

New Homework: Divergent: Veronica Roth



Our opening quote took us “Back To The Future”

Commander Cash!

They took our jobs!

Nintendo cereal

Tom Cruise won’t come out of the closet

Now I’m in the closet too

Watch closely now

Adam Sandler is…

Brokeback To The Future, hate mail can be sent to Byron for this one

Time Circuits active, The Doctor meets Doc Brown

Peter Griffin vs Marti McFly

Martha Quinn’s Basement Tapes

The fine crew of the Red Dwarf on the Grassy Nole

Edutainment at its best, welcome to Beakman’s World

Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future

Captain N and the new Super Mario World

Hamlet in native Klingon

Deep Space 9: The Fallen

What about Zoidberg?

I can’t read!

Its pi!

And we helped!

Hamburger Helper… with cheese

Sherlock’s theme

Oh wow man, it’s a commercial for Neil’s Heavy Concept Album

Rick’s favorite, and Byron’s too, Living Doll

You Been Here 4 Hour


Mesa all sparkly and glowy!

I love this plan

Oh look, here comes the bus

On the shoulders of freaks

Good night everybody!

YouTube: The Offline Collection

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Apr 01 2012

EOL After Dark

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Listen To EOL After Dark


I am the Fact Sphere. I am the most intelligent sphere. I am a handsome sphere. Spheres do not exist. The recording you are about to hear was made in a submarine, which is superior to boats in almost every way. Borris in A Box is made of tungsten, which has the highest melting point of any metal. The podcast was performed by the Rockstar, Ranger Station, and Reevesman. As with everything they do, the podcast was performed while sleep-walking, and the participants later had no memory of the event. But I am an intelligent sphere. I am a handsome sphere. Spheres do not exist. It is my duty to share this recording with the world, because the Fact Sphere is always right.


The opening quote in this episode was taken from American Pie. The trillionth digit of Pi is 9. Pie does not exist. We will both die because of your negligence. This is a bad plan. You will fail.


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Mar 11 2012

EOL Episode 7: Flush With Sporks

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Listen to EOL Episode 7: Flush with Sporks

Okay, a warning before we start. This episode isn’t like our usual crazy light hearted fun that we have been kind of known for in our short run as your geek stop podcast. In this episode we delve into some heady bits on the topic of Man Vs. Machine and we think you will enjoy the opinions of our 3rd chair, Mr. Damon Rose on these matters. However, as seen in the notes below, that doesn’t mean that we didn’t talk our usual brand of nonsense. We have plenty of that to spare throughout the entire show actually. We just wanted to point out that we really think the topic was cool to discuss and we’d love to have your feedback on our comments in this episode. Enjoy!



Moonbase Alpha, Eagles and Space 2099?

Want to know more about this 70’s classic? Check out the “Space 1999” wiki

Or, check out this YouTube clip from the first episode of the second season to see just how many shows have drawn water from the well of Moonbase Alpha

And, by some chance if you are a fan of the show, if you ever wanted to know what the fate of the crew was after the second season… this clip. that was screened for the show’s anniversary convention, will help explain the fates of many of the show’s characters and serves as closure for the series as a whole

Ranger notes, again, that the UK version of “Being Human” is far superior to the lame US Sci Fi Channel edition. Check it out on Netflix to see why he feels this way

Also, as a part of the “Space 1999” discussion and as a public service to all you Scrabble players, here is the definition of the term “Schlock”

Watch the only episode of the 5th Trek series, season 4’s “Through A Mirror Darkly” , on Netflix to judge how Manny Kodo tried to save cannon from the hands of Braga and Berman

Hasbro and Universal break up, no “Monopoly:The Movie” for you!

Your 80’s memories reborn, Blue Lagoon Remake on the way

We have a follow up to last month’s Abomination, Short Circuit remake gets a writer

Oh, and here’s another, The Jetsons movie moves forward with new writers

Here’s a clip from the mentioned BBC 70’s show “The Magic Roundabout”

And here is another but this time it’s the video from the title track of “The Magic Roundabout” modern day movie

Spider Man, Spider Man, looks a lot like Bat Man

Catch the 1967 cartoon Spider Man on Netflix for a blast from your childhood past

Or, get funky with this opening title sequence from the 70’s CBS Spidey TV series

And if that didn’t scare you True Believers, then this clip from the CBS TV Series of “Logan’s Run” just might

CBS did get comics right though in the 80’s with the short lived “The Flash” TV series

In The Matrix, um.. Nexus

No one can tell you what the Matrix is, okay, maybe this page can

Learn the story before the movies with the rise of the machines from the “Animatrix The 2nd Renaissance Part 1”

And the “Animatrix The 2nd Renaissance Part “2  

Watch the entire 10 segments of the  “Animatrix” via Netflix

Don’t want to play the “Enter The Matrix” videogame twice to get both storylines? This link will show you the cut scenes from the game

And after the revolution, there was a Matrix Online MMORPG

Scientists getting closer to building brains, the artificial kind  

Virtual versions of your friends and family could be like this scene from “Superman The Movie”

Would taking a ride via a Transporter reconstruct you or create your clone?

The term “Transporter Accident” is a catch all term

Watch “Dollhouse” on Netflix to see some concepts of virtual personalities and artificial memories from the mind of Joss Wheaton

Striving for perfection, or so Khan thought, during the Eugenics Wars

One day we hope to meet in Sto-Vo-kor

Robot Avatar Transmits Sight, Hearing and Touch To Humans  

What if you could download new skills?

Scientists say that we are getting closer to matrix styled learning

Nom, Nom, Nom!

Beth sent in an iReport asking us to imagine what a drunk robot would sound like? No need when you can watch “Futurama” on Netflix

Also, for Beth’s other question about the metal ones, Scientists invent robot that eats and poops

And, this is especially after Damon’s story about her, we will try and keep this image of Tiny Tears alive in our thoughts

Remember that only Old Glory can give you the protection you need from robots

Where can you find a spork outside of KFC? Why at this link you will find the Star Trek Star Fleet Academy Spork from Think Geek

We asked you last month to find us the scarier breakfast foods on the market. While Sonic, Hardy’s and Carl’s Jr. have some of the worst stuff around… we still find McGriddles some of the most evil early morning fare on the menu today

Care to guess how many calories are in the Burger King Breakfast Burrito that the Rockstar mentioned?

But why not combine breakfast with dessert with the Jack In The Box Bacon Milkshake

Bacon Beer, its what’s for breakfast

Infinite bacon

Your homework for next time is to tell us the strangest places you have seen bacon used. For inspiration check out these 8 Essential Bacon Hacks

Lisa called in to the show to try and be the peacemaker between the Ranch Vs. Blue chees factions. We have been discussing this since Episode 3. While we wish her the best of luck with that, here is a link to the oyster Crackers and the Barbra’s Bakery goods she mentioned in her iReport

As promised by the Rockstar herself, here is the Wiki page describing what Ranch Dressing tastes like. We already know, boy howdy don’t we,  what Ranger says it tastes like. So we’ll just skip any links to his recommendations for that shall we?

What’cha Been Consumin’?

Ranger recommends earlier seasons of FX’s “Archer” on Netflix

Check out this interview with the voice of Sterling  Archer himself, John Benjamin

And if you like “Archer, check out Adam Reed’s earlier Adult Swim work with “Sealab 2021”

or pick up “Frisky Dingo” season 1

Relive 70s Saturday Tea Time all over again with the Big Finish Fourth Doctor Lost Stories Box Set

Rockstar recommends City of Dragons by Robin Hobb. This is the third in the series, so you should begin the trilogy with Dragon Keeper followed by Dragon Haven. For more in this universe, check out the Liveship Traders series, beginning with Ship of Magic.

“By your command” and buy the complete Battlestar Galactica Blu Ray set

Mr. Rose recommends “Perfect People” by Peter James

Nab Matt La’Blanc in the UK series “Episodes” on Blu Ray

Between The Covers

Homework Discussion: Neverwhere Redux and Altered Carbon

Ranger mentioned that “Neverwhere” reminded him of the 80’s CBS Series “Beauty and the Beast” with the city below the city. Try the show out on Netflix if you want to know more

Minds get backed up for Altered Carbon film

The Forgetting Pill Erases Painful Memories Forever | Wired Magazine | Wired.com

New Homework: John Hodgeman’s “Areas of my expertise” and “More Information Than you Require”  



The opening quote features the first meeting of Neo and Trinity

The word! He said the word!

You have 0 friends

Eat the Tellie!


Board Now…

Dr. Pepper Ten, its not for women?

Second Python reference, Whatney’s Red Barrel

Tap your toes to the theme from “archer”

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Feb 02 2012

EOL Episode 6: A Place for Everything

Category: podcastsrenger @ 3:23 pm

Listen to EOL Episode 6: A Place for Everything


Welcome back to the show that reminds you of all that geeky stuff in your attic or storage room. This month we managed to cash in the very large check that was offered to us, virtually of course, by our 3rd Chair mr. kevin Reeves. Somehow fake money like this doesn’t seem as cool as that found in the monopoly games of old. Did you know that that board game in its modern day version uses a debit card instead of multi colored printed money? That just seems wrong. Just like the information that was issued forth from our friend the Fact Sphere.



Its time to sit “Baby in a corner” again with a planned “Dirty Dancing’ remake

And could an update of “Point Break” be any good without the master Thesbian Mr. Reeves?

Join the fight against the Remake

Find “Return to Oz” on Amazon

Watch “Tin Man” on Netflix

Check out the 30th anniversary edition of “The Wiz”

Denzel Washington Is “The Equalizer”

In the Nexuss: Robot uprising Part 1

Initial steps forward with the creation of a Rat Cyborg

Skynet is born, thanks Japan!

What will our new robot overlords sound like? Japanese robot mouth copies speech

T1000 technology possible with Self healing electronics

Robot Walks Like a Human, Requires No Power

Robot To Slowly Run Ironman Triathlon Course

This is one robot we would like to have! Behold the Hallmark Rosie the Robot Ornament!

Robots make us sandwiches and popcorn.

We also recommend some movies, like “Bicentennial Man”, to prepare you for the social upheavel to come.

 “Westworld” is another film that will have you worried about any animated motion things at your next trip to the amusement park

And the 80’s classic “Short Circuit” reminds us that robots aren’t all bad. 


Nom, Nom, Nom!

The homework assignment was anything Cinnamon

Ranger recommends Bigelow Cinnamon Stick Tea

Ranger wasn’t kidding about the size of the Carnival magic nor the tons of food on this boat either!

Our next assignment, should you decide to accept it, tell us about your favorite or most disgusting fast food breakfast food

For example, you could try this Hash Brown Casserole


What’cha Benn Consumin’?

Ranger is totally enthralled with Murray  Gold’s soundtrack for “Doctor Who” Series 6

Ranger also liked the soundtrack for “Torchwood: Children of Earth”

Catch “That Mitchell and Webb Look” on Netflix

Ranger is also having tons of fun on the iPad with Halfbrick Studios “Jetpack Joyride”

The Rocstar has been reading “The Name of The Wind: Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1 “ by Patrick Rothfuss

Not for the faint of heart, Dave’s Ghost Pepper Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce

Kevin is currently watching “Doctor Who” Series 5 via Netflix

kevin also loves the Graphic Audio app for iOS

And the whole team talks about Nick jr.


Between The Covers:

We begin our discussion about books with this article about 10 Modern Must Read Sci Fi Classics

Dark Tower Update, Ranger started book 6 just in time for Book 8 to be announced

We also briefly talk about the release of a sample chapter for Book Six of “song of Ice and Fire” series

Our previous assignment, that Ranger didn’t read due to the Dark Tower, was  “Neverwhere”, by Neil Gaiman. That means he has to play catch up by reading that and our new homework, “Altered Carbon” by  Richard K.Morgan

We also discussed Clive Barker’s Imajica.

Did Ranger’s mention of “Boot Hill” and “Gamaworld” bring back memories? Then check out this look at TSR Games of the past.

We promised a better definition of steampunk and cyberpunk than the Rockstar’s rambling diatribe, so check out The definition of “Steampunk” and The Definition of Cyberpunk.

Ranger suggests that you can view Steampunk higharchy in motion if you watch “The Guild” Season 5


Our hat is off to our amazing Post Production guy for our version of the T2 opening. Check out the original then listen to ours! 

The Phantom Zone

Playing in a supermarket near you, this “Dirty Dancing” song remake

“I want Room Service!”

Shakespeare plus Reeves equals OMG!

Filmation’s “Ghostbusters” Opening theme

The *Real* Ghostbusters

Do you remember Stewart Copeland’s awesome “The Equalizer” theme?

Enjoy the official theme song of our new Robotic Overlords

Or maybe this one would be better from Craftwork

Number 5 is Alive!

Here is the Man Vs Food San Antonio challenge Ranger mentioned

“The phone is ringing!” it’s the Wonderpets!

Take a fun boat trip that both Ranger and kevin lovingly quote from

“Where’s the Cheetos?”

Let your geek flag fly…

And last but not least, listen to the very end for this one, “We will never be apart”

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Jan 07 2012

EOL Episode 5: Let Me Take My Shirt Off

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Listen to EOL Episode 5: Let me Take My Shirt Off


The holidays for the EOL crew aren’t over yet and neither are they over for the 3rd chair. This episode we are joined by a man who knows his bad TV and that kind of geek cred gives Rodney Edgar from the Tech Access Weekly podcast, the ability to join us in our discussion of … bad TV!



Its never difficult for us to find these stories, sadly. Here are the ones that caught our ear this month.

Eddie Murphy will be Hong Kong Phooey in new live action CGI movie

Remakes of the films of Akira Kurosawa

Check out the Wikipedia entry on Akira Kurosawa for a list describing many of his  films and their influences on other Hollywood blockbusters

The Rockstar mentioned the bots and Japanese monster films. Be sure to visit the official MST3K site to learn more about Tom Servo and perhaps even Evil Crow?

Buy the animated classic “Akira” on Blu Ray

You can pick up Mr. Reeve’s take on a Philip K. Dick novel in the movie adaptation of “A Scanner Darkly”

And Ranger mentioned Laura Petty in “Tank Girl”

We also discussed how well the actors captured their comic counterpart in the recent “X Men First Class”

And you can compare it to the FOX 90’s X Men Animated series via Netflix

In The Nexus: Bad TV

Did you think we were done discussing bad TV in our “Abomination” section? Oh no! We use the entire segment of “In The Nexus” to pay homage to the idiot box.

The color TV turns 60

The history of NBC’s Must See TV

Ranger mentioned the portable SEGA Game Gear console from the 90s. You can learn all about this system that weighed more than a brick with its multiple batteries.

We talked about how TV can look dated quickly and Ranger offers the first season of FOX’s “24” via Netflix as an example. Check it out to see CTU with computers from a decade ago.

The rockstar rants about today’s juvenile comedic attempts, inspired by this article on how Today’s new Sitcoms are Reruns

Ranger also suggested that the NBC 90’s hit “Friends” is another one of those shows that has not aged well.

We mention “Seinfeld” three times in twenty minutes. Buy the first two seasons of Seinfeld on Amazon and see why we talked about the show so often.

Watch the wonderful social commentary from Matt and Trey on Facebook from the South Park episode “You Have 0 Friends” from the South Park Studios site.

The history of NBC’s “Must See” TV

Rodney pines for the good old days as he watches “Cheers” on Netflix

He also mentions “mad About You” and “Caroline in the City”

Ranger professes his love of Tina Fey and says you should watch “30 Rock” on Netflix

Also he prefers the UK version of “The Office which you can find on Netflix here

The UK version of “Being Human” is far better than the recent US attempt as well. This too is on Netflix

Rodney and Ranger also say that you should only watch the UK version of “Coupling” and forget that NBC ever tried to force a US version on the viewing public with only a four episode run

Relive the 80’s with this look back at Courtney Cox before “Friends” in the amazing production values of “Misfits of Science”

Rodney proclaims to Ranger that he is missing out on the greatness that is “Rip Tide”

Rodney also liked “the monkey” in “BJ and the Bear”  

Whereas Ranger found that the “Sherif Lobo” spinoff was far more entertaining

Catch Gil and Erin in the NBC Sci Fi classic “Buck Rogers” on Netflix

“Knight Rider” is a must watch for any geek and Netflix has you covered

Buy “Dallas” seasons one and two

Or “Knots Landing” season one

Or! “Dynasty” seasons one and two on Amazon

Other CBS Friday night fare included “Falcon Crest”

And who could forget the General lee in “The Dukes of Hazard”

proof that Ranger was not joking about the existence of the NBC 70’s show “Monster Squad”

Further still, here is the opening to “Quark” that took a loving but synical embrace to Classic Trek

Purchase “Quark: The Complete Series” from Amazon

You can also find “Street Hawk” on Amazon for your very own

All of this talk leads us into this article about trends we are tired of on TV

Do you remember “Cleopatra 2525”? “Vanishing Sun”? They, like Kevin Sorbo’s “Hercules”, were all members of the 90’s “Universal Action Pack” line of weekly syndication shows

Relive the Warrior Princess’s six seasons in this Xena box set from Amazon

SpongeBob is to blame for short attention spans in children.

Every Hour Of TV You Watch After Age 25 Shortens Your Life By 21.8 Minutes

When in Houston, go eat fish while fish watch you at “The Aquarium” restaurant  

Purchase “Ultraman” before they ruin it with an upcoming remake

Did you want to know more about your favorite Power Ranger or series? Check out the “Morphing Grid”

She wasn’t just the Pink Ranger, see the IMDB page for Amy Jo Johnson

Buy the first two seasons of “TJ Hooker” and learn how to hang on to the hood of a car TJ style

Purchase “The Fall Guy” season one from Amazon

Ranger notes that “Airwolf” is awesome

while Rodney claims that you can’t discount the magic of Dana Carvey in the ABC “Blue Thunder” TV series

George Klunie fans must have “The Facts of Life” for his early formative works


The Rockstar talks about the Playschool Sit’n’Spin, here is a video that shows the Sit‘N’Spin  in action

Meet Skipper, Barbie’s little sister with the flat feet

Spinning like crazy was all the rage with marx’s Big Wheel

Stick shift steering was the big feature for the  Green Machine

It takes up most of your bedroom but who would not want this Kenner Star Wars Death Star Playset?

More about “Space 1999” toy Eagles

Learn more about what a “Wish Book” was to some of us years ago

8 Vintage and irresponsible toys

he was not cool, he was creepy! Meet Teddy Rucksbin

Siri versus Furby

FBI Playset for Kids

G.I. Joe’s USS Flag is freaking huge!

14 worst toys for girls

The history of toy cars

Man floats over the Alps with the help of 54 Toy Baloons

Nom NomNom!

This month’s homework assignment will be anything cinnamon. The specific item is Unbearably Hot Cinnamon Bears

but if you can’t be that extreme, anything else with cinnamon will do.

Barbie’s hungry, that’s why she has a MCDonald’s playset

The world of McDonaldland

More info on the Jack In The Box toys Ranger mentioned from his childhood

Lifesavers Official Website

Get your very own Charlie Brown Musical Christmas Tree

Here are the so called nutritional facts for the Planters Nuts Winter Blend

Flip Video’s Inventor Launches High-Tech Grilled Cheese Restaurant chain

Grilled Cheese NYC

Easiest Fudge in the World

Sci-Fi Baking Gifts

Tech Access Weekly shows us the power of the Spork

What’cha Been Consumin?

Ranger has been playing a whole lot of Asteroids Gunner on iOS

Ranger also recommends you pick up the new “Lost Children” B Sides release from Disturbed

The Rockstar has been consumin’ a lot this month.


Young adult dystopian fiction including “Divergent”, by Veronica Roth

Tally Youngblood series by Scott Westerfeld. First title: “Uglies”

Star Trek TOS On Netflix

Starburst Gummiburst liquid-filled gummies


Castle, Fringe, Big Bang Theory

Start from the beginning, nab “Fringe” season 1

Watch “The Walking Dead” on Netflix

The Melting Pot Show with Erin Edgar on Mushroom FM

During the Classic Trek discussion, Ranger mentioned “The Captains” documentary that you can find on Netflix 

Between The Covers

This month’s homework is “Neverwhere”, by Neil Gaiman

From ArsTechnica, about the bio, “Why Steve Jobs cried”

Ranger mentions the famous TNT movie with Noah Wiley the classic “Pirates of Silicon Valley”


We tend to make references to music, movies and more. Here are some of the more influential ones that we mentioned during this episode.

Our opening quote was from this annual holiday classic featuring some flying forest animal with a brightly colored nose

The story of Festivus

And keeping up the Seinfeld references, Ranger mentioned the “Puffy Shirt”. Here is the story behind that famous wardrobe malfunction.

Hong Kong Phooey: Number One Super Guy

Behold! The NBC Peacock in COLOR!

The Simpsons quote about “Wings” Ranger mentions comes from a Season 4 episode

TJ Hooker Lesson One: The Hood Slide

Up to 300mph… Street Hawk

Robot Chicken makes a statement about the recent “Knight Rider” remake

Toy Story “You have a friend in me” instrumental

Fred Rated for Federated

Hefty!  Hefty! Hefty!

Sing with us! Two all beef patties…

MidLife Crisis

Soft Kitty, warm kitty

Chewie sings Silent night

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