Aug 29 2014

EOL Episode 12: There Are Goats Here

Category: podcastsrenger @ 2:09 pm

Listen to EOL Episode 12: There are Goats Here Nope, you are not dreaming. Its not an Extra. Its not a Noms show. Its an actual, full length honest to goodness real episode! Buddy is back and he is in rare form because he is a fan of our Nexus subject. We have the segments […]

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Jul 17 2014

EOL Noms Edition 3: Land of Nod

Category: Extras, podcastsrenger @ 4:24 pm

Listen to EOL Noms Edition 3: Land Of Nod Insert your “epic trilogy” jokes here. Or, “The Saga Continues…”. Or, “Previously on 24”. Okay, maybe not that last one but you get the idea. Its time again for Ranger and Rockstar to attempt to eat stuff you requested, and stuff our cracked research staff, found […]

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Mar 28 2014

EOL Extra, Noms Edition: Drain My Pickle

Category: Extras, podcastsrenger @ 4:17 pm

Listen to EOL Extra Noms Edition: Drain My Pickle San Diego… it’s got a valley, mountains and a beach. And now, it’s had Noms. By popular demand, or so it seems according to your comments on Twitter, we’ve got a new bag of things to try for your enjoyment, though not ours by any means. […]

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Sep 28 2013

EOL Episode 11: I Grok Groaking

Category: podcastsrenger @ 9:59 am

Listen to EOL Episode 11: I Grok Groaking Somehow that Byron guy found his way past the Spheres, through the HQ and he even strapped himself into the 3rd Chair without any of us noticing. Well fine then, we’ll just have to punish him for being filthy. No wait, we’ll just do a segment on […]

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Jul 12 2013

EOL Extra, Noms Edition: Victory Is Life!

Category: Extras, podcastsrenger @ 11:52 am

Listen to EOL Extra, Noms Edition: Victory Is Life! Warning! This was an experiment we’ve always wanted to try with a mic and odd foods, with Ranger and Rockstar in the same room. We didn’t expect Eddie the Dog to be the 3rd Chair however. We’re not sure if this is good, we aren’t sure […]

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