Jul 12 2013

EOL Extra, Noms Edition: Victory Is Life!

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Listen to EOL Extra, Noms Edition: Victory Is Life!

Warning! This was an experiment we’ve always wanted to try with a mic and odd foods, with Ranger and Rockstar in the same room. We didn’t expect Eddie the Dog to be the 3rd Chair however. We’re not sure if this is good, we aren’t sure if you should go buy any of the below mentioned products or services, but we do know that this was a fun attempt at something new. Just ignore Eddie’s tail thumping, as he’s easily amused by many bright and shiny objects. Be sure to leave us a comment here on this ol’ blog, an email or iReport. We wanna know what you guys thought about this EOL Extra!

Things we may or may not have eaten, and/or or regreted we ate:

Watermelon Oreos

Golden Double Stuffed Oreos

Twisted Oreos

Newcastle Brown Ale

Jack In The Box Tacos

Pringles Loaded Baked Potato

Limited Edition Pringles Cheesburger

Wavy Lays Roasted Garlic and Sea salt

Lays Garden Tomato and Basil

Flaming Hot Pringles

Muddy Buddy Chex Mix

Pizza Skins and Chicken Thumbs

Chicken Thumbs

Wild Mushroom Pizza at Uno’s

P.F. Changs

Pei Wei

7 11 Big Wheel


Duff Beer at 7 11

Now, things we read or listened to since last you heard us;

Duff mcKagan: Its so easy

Styx: Grand Illusion/Pieces Of Eight Live

Rush: Time Machine, Moving Pictures In order

Judas Priest Epitaph

Rose Tattoo Scarred for Life

Anthrax Cry For The Indians 2011

Metallica at Orion: And Justice For All

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