Aug 29 2014

EOL Episode 12: There Are Goats Here

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Listen to EOL Episode 12: There are Goats Here

Nope, you are not dreaming. Its not an Extra. Its not a Noms show. Its an actual, full length honest to goodness real episode! Buddy is back and he is in rare form because he is a fan of our Nexus subject. We have the segments you have missed with “Drop the Beat” and “Between the Covers”. Plus, the odd auditory surprise that makes a full-fledged show a thing of joy and embarrassment for the hosts of, and perhaps the listeners of, EOL. Welcome back everyone!

Drop the Beat!:

The 100 greatest cover songs of all time

In The Nexus: Knight Rider

Knight Rider Wiki page

1980’s Promotions, Be There!

Where do they get those wonderful toys?

Knight Automated Roving Robot

Team Knight Rider Episode 1

Fan creations…


Knight Rider In Minecraft

Kitt Sound Test, DIY dashboard walkthrough

Homer Knight



KITT Old School

Supernatural Knight Rider Reference

Family Guy Knight Rider

What’s next for KITT?


The Future?

Movie frozen in production hell

Or not

Nom, Nom, Nom!

Some of the links below may or may not have been consumed as Noms by the hosts, or fed to the goats directly thereafter. We’re just sayin’.

Limon Lays Chips

Ye Ol Sweets Shop

Flamethrower at Dairy Queen

The Burger King Angry Whopper, and others, noted by Wikipedia

Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt at Subway

Limited edition White Chocolate Carrot Cake M&Ms

We got in some feedback about the 2013 “Summer of Flavor”. You will hear an iReport by Thomas. And

here’s an email from Maurene

“Hi Guys, i’ve tried the garlic parm potato chips, and also the chicken and waffle ones. The garlic parm one’s i loved. The chicken and waffles were god awful!!!! They made me think of the McGriddle breakfast sandwiches that McDonalds has. Which, i might add i hated also, but i digress, I let my brother-in-law try them also and he hated those potato chips also, so out in the garbage they went. Another one that was god awful was the tomato basil ones. I threw those out too.
Yucky!!!! Have a great week.”

Here’s another from the Mailbag…

“OK the ear worms from this show could possibly allow me to break out of the Funny Farm with their reverse effects. Thanks a lot.
As for vaginal fantasy, uh, yeah. Let’s see if I can tie this into Game of Thrones. Of course I can. The Asha Grayjob story line in the books is exactly this genre. She’s my favorite character in the entire book series.
I love the “…in Death” series but frankly, the sex scenes are a bit cut and paste. I do love the universe in those books. I think you can do sex scenes without the words throb, pulse or even tubescence.
As for noms, I did try the Lay’s chips, all 3 flavors, recently. The chicken and waffles were just scary. Too much maple syrupy essence. The other two were fine, if not a tad dry on the garlic cheese bread.
I’m now into popsicles. Dryers, Edies Guest, some odd store brands. The favorites in House Stanley are grapefruit, pomegranate, lemonade and of course the all time favorite, lime.
Jenine Stanley”

Previous Homework: Tell us tales of toast
French toast. Nuff said!
New homework: Fries! With chilly or cheese, or bacon, or … mayonnaise? How do you like your fries, and what’s the strangest thing you’ve ever put on them?
Buddy recommends Garbage Fries

While not really fries, Ranger adores Hash browns all the way from Waffle House

What’cha Been Consumin’?


Red Panda Adventures

Its like a graphic novel, for YouTube

Blackjack Justice

Last Apprentice series: Joseph Delaney

Killer: Alex Delaware book 29: Jonathan Kellerman

Zombies, Run!

Retro games galore Duck Tales Remasterd

The Simpsons Arcade

Papa Sangre

The Walk

Between The Covers

So much can be said with the “Oldest words”

Listener recommendation, Raining Red. This is an indi book, and we hope that Orinks will be kind enough to provide us a link to include in show notes for our next episode.

Enders Game: The Audio Play

Harlen Ellison screenplay, I robot wiki

Previous Homework: The Farseer Book 1: Assassin’s Apprentice, Robin Hobb

New homework: The Name of The Wind: Kingkiller Chronicles Day 1: Patrick Rothfuss

And be sure to check out the Sword And Laser podcast, who chose this after we did… no really, found here.

And here’s a link to Worldbuilders, the charity project begun by Patrrick Rothfuss.

Oh and we mentioned a former homework assignment author, Daniel Suarez, has a new one. “Influx”.


Time Tickin’ In My Head

Fred Rated for Federated

UN Cola

I can’t believe I’m sitting here with Scotty

Have You Ever Put Butter On A Pop Tart

Before UPN, before The WB,, there was the “Action Pack”

Seeing Ear Theater

KITT Quotes:

Knight Rider Music

More Knight Rider music

Yet more Knight Rider music

Knight Rider 2k

Form feet and legs with Team Knight Rider

Knight Industries Three Thousand

That song Buddy and Ranger didn’t remember? Well, its “White Bird”. Here is the instrumental. If you remember this episode, you will thank us it’s just the music only version!

Now stun him…

Goat Quoats:

All the bits you heard and where to find them when it comes to Goats.

And we even considered these…

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