Mar 28 2014

EOL Extra, Noms Edition: Drain My Pickle

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San Diego… it’s got a valley, mountains and a beach. And now, it’s had Noms. By popular demand, or so it seems according to your comments on Twitter, we’ve got a new bag of things to try for your enjoyment, though not ours by any means. But that wasn’t enough to be an Extra. Oh no! We talk about movies and television too. It’s a three act play and it all happened in San Diego.

Movie Nachos Are Never Worth The Money:

Rockstar and Ranger saw a movie. Not just any movie. It was a Homework Assignment Book To Film kind of movie. And it was “Divergent”. Their review is spoiler free, for a change, so hear what they had to say about Tris and her Faction Friends. While you wait, check out the official trailer.

Gareth Speaks:

One of Ranger’s Brit Jedi Sci Fi masters got cornered and forced, okay not really, to stop talking about the company he works for and discuss crap like television you should be watching.


The Mighty Boosh!

Doug Stanhope

Mitchell And Webb

Peep Show

That Mitchell And Webb look


The I.T. Crowd

Blakes 7 on Big Finish Audio

Trigger Happy TV

Alexi Sayle

Key And Peele

Amy Schumer


No, Collingwood Whiskey was not overly consumed to erase our memories of the food we ate on this episode.

And the store where Ranger found it was…

Bacon-flavored Ritz Crackers

Oceans Snack Roasted Seaweed

H.E.B. Multigrain Smoked gouda Chips

A World Of Bean Chips

Van Holten’s Garlic Gus Pickle

Van Holten’s Hot And Spicy Pickle

Chewy Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creations Root Beer Float

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