Sep 28 2013

EOL Episode 11: I Grok Groaking

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Somehow that Byron guy found his way past the Spheres, through the HQ and he even strapped himself into the 3rd Chair without any of us noticing. Well fine then, we’ll just have to punish him for being filthy. No wait, we’ll just do a segment on filthy songs and make him comment on them instead. All that, along with new homework, is awaiting you in this fun and food filled episode of “End of Line”.


Disney wants to ruin Ranger’s 90s classic with a “Rocketeer” reboot

Remember Harmony Gold? No, no one really does. But many remember “Robotech”. So let’s have a live action version of that…

It better have Richard Dean Anderson. McGuiver: The Movie

We weren’t kidding about RDA and mcGruber

In The Nexus; The Filthy Fifteen

Which songs were considered “the filthy Fifteen”?

Musical Cliff Notes version

The PMRC hearing with Zappa, Snider, Gore and more

And if this wasn’t dirty enough for you, here’s an article claiming to list the dirtiest songs ever.

Nom, Nom, Noms

We Eat Stuff

Epic Meal Time

Ranger misses “Attack of the Show” for interviews like this one from Epic Meal Time

United States Of Bacon on Destination America

Dry soda

Ranger reports in on Eggo Smores

Homework: Lay’s 3 flavors
Toonhead tries Chicken and Waffle Lays

Toonhead tries garlic cheese bread lays

Toonhead tries Sriracha Lays

New Homework: Tell us tales of toast

What’cha Been Consumin’?

That Mitchell and Webb Sound

The Dresdin Files

Also, on Netflix, the one-season Sci Fi channel version of the books

From Geek and Sundry: The Vaginal Fantasy Book Club with Felisha Day, Veronica Bellmont and others

Inspector Space-time

Inspector Space Time Reveals All At Gallifrey 1

Exploding The Phone

The 2600 Quarterly

Sleep Walk With Me


So much Cartoon Network and Adult Swim on Netflix

Arrow on the CW

Between The Covers:

18 Obsolete Words

Homework: Disney War

Ten Awesome Fantasy Authors Every Game of Thrones Fan Should Read

New Homework: The Farseer Book 1: Assassin’s Apprentice, Robin Hobb

Byron makes the painful admission that he’s more of a sci-fi than a fantasy fan, followed by the Rockstar speaking heresy about The Lord of The Rings. This sparks a conversation about how to begin reading fantasy without being overwhelmed. Some books that were mentioned are:
Pawn of Prophecy: The Belgariad Book 1, David Eddings

Byron didn’t know that this was in audio form. Graphic Audio form that is… The Demon Wars Saga on Graphic Audio

Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman

Virtual Mode, Piers Anthony

On a Pale Horse, Piers Anthony

Split Infinity: Apprentice Adept Book 1, Piers Anthony


Poet Rebecca Masterson’s Opus To Sirority Life

Space Battleship Yamato

VR Troopers

Power Rangers Powerd By SEGA CD

Jack O’Neill, inspired by Homer

Minnesota Style

Wrong Sounding Muppets

Sam, the American!, Eagle

“This is important, this means something”

Master Of Your Domain

Ponderus, Ponderus!

Adam vs the Hot Wing

No, No, No, Nooo!

Klingon Style

Yeah! Toast!

By Vectron’s Golden Wings

Six Year Wait For A Dance With Dragons

Inspector Space Time Flies The TARDIS

101 Ways To Start A Fight

Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep, Yep

Steve Martin’s Real Name

“I Like everything about being Burt!”

My Paycheck Bounced

Gangnam style 8 bit

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