Aug 18 2011

EOL Episode 1: The Ground Rules

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Listen to EOL episode 1: The Ground Rules

Hello and welcome to “End of Line”, or what we lovingly call EOL. We invite you to listen to our podcast and read along with these notes to learn more about the things we talk about on the show. Remember, a big part of what we do on each show comes from what we see online. That means you, the person reading this right now!, can have your say in what we talk about, eat, read or generally waste time with, all in the name of podcasting.
You have a plethora of ways to reach us…
send us an email.
Follow the EOLShow official Twitter feed
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We start the show with a quote from “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” You can Buy the excellent John Williams “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from Amazon. As with any products you find in our show notes, purchasing through the links we provide will help support our sponsors.

We then jump in to the show by talking about what we’re going to talk about, because we enjoy being circular like that. During that discussion, we mention the Hudsucker Proxy and comment on the excellent soundtrack, which is available for purchase.

Star Trekkin’

Next, we move ahead at warp speed and talk Trek. Here are the stories we mentioned.
Mila rates all 5 Star Trek series
Turn Your iPad Into a Star Trek PADD
Make it so: hands-on with the official Star Trek iPad app
Star Trek on Netflix
Buy the 2009 Star Trek Original Movie Soundtrack

Netflix Netflux

Perhaps the biggest story of July was the change in Netflix pricing. We throw in our two cents, and talk about the following stories.
The Looming Content Battle Between TV Everywhere & Online Streaming
Fox challenges cord-cutters by sticking TV shows behind paywall
Editorial: Netflix was too cheap before, but now it’s just wrong
Lack of similar services means most Netflix customers sticking around
Funny or Die: The Netflix Relief Fund


Things that should not be but Hollywood persists.
80’s nighttime soap “Dallas” to return to TV in 2012 on TNT
Vacation Reboot Director Wanted
Adam Sandler wants to remake 3 Men and a Baby

Other movies we mentioned during this segment were:

“The Razor’s Edge”

Behold! The power of food!

Homework: yes,, there’s homework! We want to hear your thoughts on the Denny’s Maple Bacon Sundae. Send us a recording of you and your friends trying it or give us a report on what happened after you tragically lost a friend who tried it.

Chocolate covered banana chips
Dairy Queen’s Blizzard flavor of the month Nutter Butter
Find the Turkey and Gravy soda at jones Sodas
McDonald’s Menu Items From Around The World —
How to Make Pizza Casserole
Which dish should you order at a specific restaurant? Nosh uses social food photos and reviews to help you decide
Large forks, found in a study, to make us eat less

In the Nexus:

We’re still searching for a permanent title for this segment. You can send us your suggestions.
This time, we talk about mondegreens.
Mondegreen as defined by Wiki
Kiss This Guy
30 Mondegreens, 4 minutes

And even more Mondegreens

We also made mention of these great musical acts
Nirvana In Utero
The Best of Jimi Hendrix
Jethro Tull Aqualung
Dream Theater: A change of Seasons

In The News

“Dark Knight Rises” Trailer Hits the Web [VIDEO]
“Amazing Spider-Man” Trailer Hits the Web [VIDEO]
The Blind Chick’s Walk Through Comic Con 2011
Clips from the 21st Century versions of Beavis and Butthead coming soon to MTV
Get Your Own Action Figure (In Japan)
Futurama Head in a Jar Review
Buy the most excellent Batman Beyond Complete Series Set

And for those of you who are collectors, here are some action figure resources…
Playmates Toys
Tenth Planet
Todd McFarlin Toys

Watch’a Been Consumin’?

Ranger’s Picks:
Torchwood Miracle Day on Stars

Prodigy “Fat of the Lamd:
Beastie Boys “Hot Sauce Committee Part 2”
Pendulum “Emersion”

The Rockstar’s picks:
Watch “King of the Hill” now on Netflix
Or, buy “Dexter” Season 1 on Amazon
Drone Zone, which you can find in your player of choice supporting Shoutcast.

We also recommended these fine entertainment offerings…
Watch Torchwood on Netflix streaming
Stream “The Shadow” via Netflix
Buy “The Rocketeer”

Book Nook: Dance with Depression, or how much time do I have to kill before book 6 of “A Song of Ice and Fire” arrives?

First, the homework. Yes, more homework. Join us in our next book series discussion.
Read Stephen King’s first book of the Dark Tower series “The Gunslinger” from Audible
With that taken care of, we talk, and talk, and talk, about Game of Thrones.
Why Game of Thrones is the best thing on television
Listen to all of the George RR martin “A Song of Ice and Fire” books on Audible
Catch this 8 bit version of the “Game of Thrones” theme

Famous Quotes

We made many a mention of some famous lines from movies and TV. Check out these YouTube links to hear the originals in all their glory!
Close Encounters 5 Tones:
From Star Trek Deep Space 9: It’s a fake
Ask Dr. Science 4 Questions
Violet and Willie Wonka
Ghostbusters: Do not cross the streams
Born in East LA, lighting gone wrong
Captain America Throws His Mighty Shield

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  1. Jake Joehl says:

    I actually tried a Jones soda during my vacation in Seattle last week. But it wasn’t turkey&gravy, it was root beer and it was excellent. I had it with my lunch, which was also excellent and consisted of portobello on focaccia with a side of potato chips. They threw in a dill pickle too!