May 30 2014

EOL Extra Summer TV Marathon: Stop Rebooting!

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Some say summer is a time for travel. Some say summer is a time for camping. Fans of EOL know that we recommend traveling to the couch and camping out there for days with Geeky TV and movies! In this extra, Ranger, Byron and Rodney offer some recommendations on possible summer binge viewing. Oh, and the Spheres help Ranger make a musical comment about one of the summer’s hottest movies. Now nab a comfy chair, get your imported from Japan body pillow with a ‘Dead or Alive’ fighter on it or just crawl on to your futon under a great big cealing fan. You have lots of homework to do this summer!

Byron’s Picks:

Orange is the new black

The Walking Dead


Rodney’s Picks;

Friday Night Lights



Ranger’s Picks:




We mentioned a few resources during the show that could aid you on your summer long quest. Bookmark’em today!

Cord Killers

Instant Watcher

Can I Stream It

Magneto gets fired

Who Wants To Be A Superhero?

People of WalMart

runner up recommendations, I.E. mentioned during the show but not our official picks


Breaking Bad

The L Word

House of Cards U.S. Version


Family Guy

American Dad

The Cleveland Show


Magnum PI

Quantum Leap

The Twilight Zone

Dawsons Creek


Galactica 1980


Once upon A Time


A Town Called Eureka

The Clone Wars

Ultimate Spider Man

The tutors


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