Feb 25 2014

EOL Extra: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and More

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Listen to EOL Extra: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary and More

The dust has settled, the regeneration is complete and the call for new 12th Doctor collectables has begun. But before we say good-bye to the 11th, we say Hello … to the RockStar. Yep, she will be like us. Celebrating the 50th with Ranger and Buddy that is.

However, the following are things we’ve advised the RocSstar to avoid on her newfound exploration of Doctor Who…

Hornets nest

K9 and Company


50 Years In The Making:

The Day Of The Doctor”

Only in theaters, the opening to the 50th

Did you misse these 50th related videos?

The Night Of The Doctor

The last Day

The Five Ish Doctors

An Adventure In Space And Time Trailer

So long 11th, And Thanks For All The Jammy Dodgers

Happy holidays? “Time of the Doctor”

An article that the RockStar recommends if you want a good nerd fight to break out at your next convention outing.
The Captain Kirk Problem: How Doctor Who Betrayed Matt Smith


Bow down to the Golden Domed Warrior. Observe these reports to high Command.

Strax Field Report: The Doctors

Strax Field Report; Christmas

Strax Field Report; Regeneration

Other fun appearances you may have missed in the matt Smith era

Bad Night

Good Night

First Night

Last Night

Time Part 1

Time Part 2

Death Is The Only Answer

The Great Detective

Ranger again notes he would be lost in the time vortex if it wasn’t for these fantastic podcasts!

Radio Free Skaro

Varity Podcast

The Doctor Who Podcast

Oh, and because Buddy said it, Spooning with Sylvester McCoy

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