Apr 25 2013

EOL Episode 10: Sunday School Cookies

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The triple decker sandwich cookie of geek podcasting has returned with something old, something new and something TARDIS Blue in what, for us, is a shorter than the usual full length episode running time. No, we aren’t kidding. Download them all and check us on that just to be sure. No, really. Like pokemon, you gotta collect them all. Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the new homework, the new segment that debuts this show and what oddities we may have missed along the way!

Drop The Beat!

Here’s the deal, the crew will focus on various aspects of music in this new segment. Remember, there is no accounting for taste. Yet we will all try and bedazzle with suggestions on each of the episode topics. First up, albums that stand the test of time and inspire us to no end.

For the Rockstar, Dio “Last In Line”

She also can’t help to mention that you need to hear Dream Theater’s “Images & Words”

Ranger notes that Prodigy’s “Fat of the Land” still holds up today.

Mr. Reeves unknowingly chose one of Ranger’s favorite bands ever with ELO’s “Out of the Blue”.

Here’s that paragon of truth Wiki page for the album

And check out this amazing ELO retrospective from Team FM.
Brian’s in depth look is great for any fan of the band!

We are so jazzed for Disney’s new Star Wars.. IF! John Williams is on board. But is he?

In The Nexus: O R E O!

Ranger takes us down the strange and delicious path of the rare and limited edition version of “Milk’s favorite cookie”.

A Dubble Stuff and a regular OREO met and made a Mega Stuffed cookie baby

How about a nice Lemon Twist?

It’s a Trick or Treat, depending on who you are, with the Candy Corn OREO

Santa just loves the Candy Cane holiday edition

It’s the Big Mac of cookies, Mint Fudge Triple Decker

Now that’s a unique way to split an OREO


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Nom, Nom, Nom

How many calories are lost with a click of the mouse

Both Rockstar and Ranger discuss the Hot Mess menu from Jack In The Box

Would you eat 100 Onions on a Whopper?

Ranger tried some new eggos

Eggos and the word Drizzle
… Yeah, that happened

Ranger wasn’t a fan of Lemon Bliss Blue Bell Ice Cream

Oh, erp, thanks to Tim Hornik for this comment in regards to an earlier show

“EOL Crew,
With all of your talk about bacon, I have no clue how you can skip over one very important food group:
GelatinousMeat, aka SPiced hAM.
This product provides the most convenient way to enjoy a five star meal following the Zombie apocalypse, or after training for the invasion after using such Apps like Zombie Run and Where’s my Ducky. In the event the Zombies fail to show up, you will at least have a stockpile of perfectly good meat for months to come.
Besides, what other pre-cooked meat product comes in flavors such as:
– Classic
– Low Sodium
– Bacon
– Smoked
– Hot and Spicy
– Jalapeños
– Lite
– Cheese
– Turkey
This is the perfect food, having been featured in such music videos like: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/2966075/weird_al_yankovics_spam_music_video/
And many more you can enjoy by visiting the SPAM Mecca in Austin, MN. Hmmmm, MN really sounds closely like mmmmmm, the same sound one emits after enjoying SPAM. Can you just imagine mowing down on Twinkies and SPAM sandwich, or SPAM with DQ soft were.”

Um, no. No we can’t.

New Homework: What’s your take on the new lay’s flavors?

Whatcha Been Consumin’?

Ranger has been catching up on his HBO with Girls and Game of Thrones on HBO

Then he flew through 52 episodes of “Ultimate SpiderMan” on Netflix

And Ranger’s need for cartoons on Saturday mornings continues with “Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”

Mr. Reeves called “WrekIt Ralph” this generation’s “Toy Story”
He finally reads Ready Player One

Heir Apparent

Clive Barker’s Imajica

See “Shark Tank” on Hulu
Rockstar is reading
Demon Cycle, Peter V. Brett
The first book in the series is The Warded Man

Chaos Walking, Patrick Ness
First book is The Knife of Never Letting Go

Sword and Laser Podcast

And if you like shows like ours and Sword And Laser, check out Tom on Frame Rate
And Veronica on Tekzilla

Thanks to mary for her suggestion, via an iReport, Mission Log Star Trek podcast

And Ranger also suggests the new Doctor Who Varity Podcast which features six smart women discussing both classic and new Who.

Between The Covers

Old Homework: Daniel Suarez Demon and Freedom
Kill Decision
New Homework: james B. Stewart Disney War


Out of my way little robot
Drop The Beat
Where the ocean meets the sand
Songs of wildebeests and angels
Reeves said it, but here it is, Invaders Must Die Wipeout mix
Now that you’re here, now that we’re here
They’re Animals!
He can sit on a tac, ouch!
Spoiler Alert! “The Dark Knight Rises” as you haven’t seen it before
Leo pops his ball
Leo breaks a table trying to Harlem Shake
Behold the glory of meat Riot.. and Hot mess
This gravelly voice just makes you want a burger, a What’A’Burger
Captin America is more of a super gymnast than a superhero
Game of Bones
he’s got you on his computer
50 Shades Of Chicken

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