Oct 31 2011

EOL Extra: Halloween, Ghosts, and the Number 27?

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Listen to an EOL Extra: Halloween, Ghosts, and the Number 27

In this EOL Extra, Ranger and Byron talk about the movies and music of John Carpenter. We think both fit the season of scares really well!


Purchase the 20th Anniversary Soundtrack to the original Halloween for Halloween!  

Find the most excellent soundtrack for The Thing at Amazon


It is obscure and only for the die hard Carpenter fan, however if you are game, here is the link to the late 80s Prince of Darkness soundtrack

Buy the Ghosts of Mars soundtrack

One we didn’t mention, but is another to look out for, is John’s soundtrack for The Fog

And for even more music scores by John, check out the Essentials Collection


Byron reflected on the spooky number 27 and its mysterious power. Here is a  list of references to the number 27 made by Weird Al over the years

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