Jul 02 2012

EOL Extra Episode 8.9: Again I say, Uuh!

Category: Extrasrenger @ 11:22 am

Listen to EOL Extra: Episode 8.9: Again I say, Uuh!


This episode is brought to you as a result  of Ranger’s procrastination. He clearly doesn’t understand that information wants to be free, even if that information should never see the light of day. Yes, we snuck in to a SeroTalk recording session and grabbed some geeky gobbledy-gook from Ranger and Rockstar during the preshow. Yes, we took some audio from the recording studio about the Avengers that we probably shouldn’t have. And yes, we’re releasing this extra without permission from anyone else. But are we ashamed? No! Spheres that feel shame are inferior to spheres that don’t. For that reason, we bring you EOL Episode 8.9. If, after listening to this, you still want episode 9, send your hate mail to resources@serotalk.com and denounce Ranger for his procrastination. Oh, and if anyone asks, we were never here.



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