Oct 24 2011

EOL Episode 3: The Honey Mustard Contingent

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This month, Byron Lee joins us in the third chair for all sorts of Halloween-related geeky goodness. You can learn more than you ever wanted to know about Byron by visiting www.byronlee.com. Byron hosts The Talk Zone and the Fun Zone, and is also well-known through his work at Horizons for The Blind and the Directions for Me web site.




We talked about any number of abominations this month, which then sparked a long conversation about Fox shows that never lasted, and Green Lantern. Here are the things we talked about in this segment.


Beetlejuice reboot


Buy the 20th anniversary deluxe edition of Beetlejuice on DVD from Amazon


Buy Bewitched Season 1 on DVD  


Buy John doe Season 1 on DVD


Watch Prison Break Season 1 on Netflix


Buy Fringe the complete first season on DVD


Watch the Justice League on Netflix


Buy Green Lantern “First Flight” two disc set


Buy the combo pack of Green lantern Emerald Knights


Check out Green Lantern “Hero’s Quest” at Graphic Audio


Check out Green Lantern “Sleepers” Book 1 at Graphic Audio


Harry Potter Reimagined as a Lighthearted Teen Movie [


Buy Harry Potter Years 1 – 7, Part 1 Gift Set  


In The Nexus

In this Halloween edition of In the Nexus, we talk trick-or-treating, costumes, and of course, candy. Here are the things we mentioned.


Buy “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”


The Spirit of Halloween Store


Leg Avenue Costumes


Buy “Jaws” the two disc 30th Anniversary Edition on DVD  


Buy the Coneheads movie on DVD


Buy Weird Al’s The Alpocolypse tour!  


Buy the, um, classic? Judge Dred on DVD


Buy “The Shadow” on DVD




We begin this segment with an iReport from Liz Bottner, who tried the Triple Decker Oreo and shared her experience with us. Then we talked about a great deal of food, some of which may have been better classified in the abomination segment. Here’s what we talked about.


Dairy Queen Blizard of the Month: Pumpkin Pie


Sonic Pumpkin Shake returns for a limited time


Bacon Blue Dog and Kickin’ Coney from Sonic


French Toast Casserole


Junk food addiction


5 Expensive Junk Foods


Hostess Chocwave and Snoballimus Prime Light Our Darkest Snacktime


Red Robin Octoberfest Burger


Love beer? Try out the new Untappd app for iOS or Android to rate your favorite beers and find delicious new ones


Rate and track your favorite beers with Brewski Me:


Beer Keg Sub


Whatcha Been Consumin’?



Interview with Malcom McDowell


Netflix MST3K Gamera!


Just the flying one without the bots



Bauhaus: 1979 – 1983 Volume 1


Bauhaus: 1979 – 1983 Volume 2


Type O Negative: October Rust


Sarah Langan: Audrey’s Door



Watch Dexter Season 1 on Netflix


Watch Breaking Bad Season 1 on Netflix


Graphic Audio: Snakes on a plane


Heroic Efforts Productions


Buy Doctor Who the Movie two disc set


Author Tim Dorsey


Ghost in The Wires: Kevin Mitnick


The Art of Intrusion: Kevin Mitnick


The Art of Deception: Kevin Mitnick


Once we all finish with our own current consumption, we throw out some other general suggestions for things to consume this month.


Buy “The Nightmare Before Christmas” two disc Collector’s Edition


Watch Dr. Horrible’sSing’a’long Blog


Cartoon Network Halloween


30 Days of Horror


We’ve posted our Top 10 favorite streaming horror films for the month of October!


Between the Covers


Last month, our homework was to read The Drawing of The Three, by Stephen King. We discuss that book, and then assign this month’s homework, which is “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline.


We close with a story about a Tech Company To Build Science Ghost Town In New Mexico




We made reference to a number of quotes and sound clips throughout the episode. Here they are.


Goth Talk


List of canceled shows that may or may not have occupied the Friday Night Slot’o”death on FOX courtesy of Family Guy


Trailer for Justice league “Doom”


Charlie Brown; I got a Rock


Main Theme for Green Lantern “Emerald Knights”


Great Pumpkin Waltz: Charlie Brown on piano


The original “Coneheads” trailer


Army of Darkness “March of the Dead”


Zinger Zapper!


Grin, grinning ghosts from the Haunted Mansion ride at Disney Theme Parks


Its Bacon!


Junk Food Junkie


In Heaven There Is No Beer


This is Halloween


Rocket Man Mondegreen Commercial


Family guy Rocket Man


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